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Police Release Startling Footage Of Brazen Thieves At Work

South Australians have been left to think twice about riding their bike today for National Ride To Work Day, after police released eye opening CCTV footage of brazen bike thieves at work in Adelaide.

The footage highlights how jaw droppingly fast these thieves can steal a locked bike, in broad daylight!

Superintendent John Bruhn, said many cyclists did not realise how easily their locked bike could be taken if an inferior locking product was used.

“Unfortunately police know from locating offenders that small pairs of wire cutters concealed in a bag can be all it takes to remove some bike locks,” he said.

“They don’t need large bolt cutters and they are brazenly taking bicycles very quickly in broad daylight.”


(Image: SA Police CCTV Footage)

SA Police say bike theft has risen steadily over the last three years and South Australians are now experiencing 5-6 incidences of bike theft per day. 

Cyclists have been encouraged  to reduce their chances of becoming a victim of bike theft by using strong U-style locks to secure their bikes and marking their bicycles. 


(Image: SA Police)

Watch the video above to see the startling footage that shows just how quickly an opportunistic bike thIEf could steal your bike! 

SA Police Crime Prevention teams will be offering engraving services to bike owners free of charge, find out more HERE

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