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Samuel Johnson's Sister Connie Reveals Devastating News

Connie Johnson has shared the heartbreaking reality of her life in hospice care, as she nears the end of her fight against terminal cancer.

The sister of Samuel Johnson has said she has been 'mourning the loss of my bodily function' in a post made to the Love Your Sister page Tuesday. 

The mother of two has revealed that she can no longer walk and finds breathing difficult but is doing her best to ‘find the positives’.

'I can't walk anymore. Breathing has become difficult with the swelling of the liver. Sitting up is difficult with the swollen abdomen,' she wrote.

She went on to reveal that eating had become a ‘chore’ and that she felt ‘cheated out’ of everyday experiences.

But, being the optimist she is, she continued to say, 'I still have my mind, there's no cancer there. I still have my hands and arms for hugging my children,' Ms Johnson wrote.

'I still have eyesight for seeing my friends, I still have my hearing for lovely conversations and music.'

She finished off her note saying she now celebrated these moments and despite her battle with breast and liver cancer still managed to be 'wonderfully happy’.

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