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Schapelle Corby's Huge Fear About Returning To Australia

Schapelle Corby is due to return to Australia in August but according to her mother, she is now too scared to come back.

Rosleigh West has told New Idea that the 39-year-old is reluctant to leave her ‘close friend’ Ben Panangian behind and fears she could never be able to lead a normal life again.

‘I don’t like thinking about it. It will be hard for her,’ confides former fish and chip shop owner Rosleigh, 63.

‘I think she’s kind of frightened, but after a while she will settle back into it, hopefully. She was looking forward to getting out on parole, but it was still scary for her.

‘I wouldn’t even ask if she wants to come home, because there’s no use in asking. It’s not a choice. It has to happen. And she just says to me: “I’ll be home soon, Mum.”

‘We never talk about her plans for the future when I’m visiting her in Bali. She hasn’t really been able to make any, because it’s like she’s in limbo. So we just enjoy our time together while I’m there, going to the beach and snorkelling. That’s what we do every time,’’ Rosleigh said.

Once Schapelle is paroled and then deported from Indonesia, Schapelle will arrive back at Queensland but has been left permanent traumatised by the long ordeal.

Her mother finished the interview by saying ‘‘Schapelle’s mental health is a lot better now, but she is different from the way she used to be.’

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