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Senior Victoria Police Cop Resigns Amid 'Abhorrent' Acts

Victoria Police has no idea how many different aliases its professional standards boss was using to unleash inflammatory online comments.

Nor does the force know for how long assistant commissioner Brett Guerin was involved in the "abhorrent" behaviour, which included graphic comments about senior colleagues.

Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton accepted Mr Guerin's resignation over the phone on Monday night.

It came within hours of Fairfax media reporting racist comments on YouTube linked to Mr Guerin under the alias "Vernon Demerest".

The same name - a character in the 1970 film Airport - was exposed days earlier being used to make crude comments about people including former police commissioner Christine Nixon.

"It's probably too early to say how exactly far they go back," Mr Ashton told reporters on Tuesday.

He also said police were still searching for all the aliases Mr Guerin used on social media.

The head of professional standards command when he quit, Mr Guerin's actions have been condemned by his boss.

"This, to me, describes the behaviour that is abhorrent. It is the behaviour that is completely and utterly unacceptable at Victoria Police," Mr Ashton said.

His behaviour has been referred to state corruption watchdog IBAC.

"It's completely out of character with what we know the assistant commissioner has been doing," Mr Ashton said of Mr Guerin's work.

"He has been leading integrity reforms across the police and we have seen good results.

"For this to come out is a real shock to me."


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