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Sex Toy Had Been 'Collecting Intimate Data Without User OK'

For a personal product, things got a bit too public. 

Earlier this year, a class action lawsuit was proposed against Standard Innovation Corp., the parent company of the sex toy We-Vibe, over claims it was secretly collecting intimate data without user permission.

We’re talking IP addresses and specific information about sex toy use including duration, time, temperature, and vibration settings. 

It didn’t go to trial but was tipped to settle out-of-court in December 2016.

The thing is, because it won’t go to trial, we may never learn the actual terms of the settlement or, more importantly, how this information was even allowed to be collected in the first place.

No statement have been made by Standard Innovation Corp., other than posting to their blog that their We-Connect app—that connects their We-Vibe sex toy to the internet—has been upgraded to protect user privacy.

Included in the privacy ‘upgrade’ is an “opt-out of sharing anonymous app usage data”.

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