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Sharknado: Someone Found A SHARK In A PUDDLE In SA Today

Yes, we totally understand that this sounds like a terrible storyline for a B-grade movie, but a REAL LIVE SHARK was found hanging out in a puddle by the side of the road in South Australia this morning.

The shark was discovered at about 10.45am by a member of the public who then contacted police – presumably after pinching themselves.

The little dude, believed to be a Port Jackson shark, was only partially submerged but was miraculously still alive when found at the intersection of Yorktown Road and Black Top Road in One Tree Hill.

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of a member of Fauna Rescue, the shark later died.

The reasons behind the bizarre discovery are believed to have been either a catch-and-dump by a fisherman, or, even more sadly, the result of the animal having been kept as a pet until it was too large for a tank.

Regardless, we’ll be keeping a close eye on any puddles before we step in them from now on…

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