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Shocking Audio Of Princess Diana Speaking To George Michael

We have some breaking news this morning, as audio has been leaked of Princess Diana on the phone to George Michael, following her split with Prince Charles.

According to various news reports, Diana was able to confide in her pal George about her marriage problems, and somehow a call made in 1996 was recorded.

This call has now been made public.

She told George that although the split had been ‘pretty grim’, she and Prince Charles were close to ending it all [their marriage] for good.

The audio also is a little hard to hear, but Diana is heard to be joking about the ‘compassionate’ family she’s leaving, seemingly referring to the Royal family…

‘How’s it been? I’ve been away,' George asked.

‘I wish I’d been away! It’s been pretty grim but we’re near the end of it,' Diana replied.

‘Do you think you’re going to get what you want out of it?’ he asked.

‘Well I’m going to get three quarters of what I want out of it, and there’s a quarter I can’t have, so there you are,' she replied.

‘It’s a compassionate family, this one I’m leaving, haha' she joked.

‘Oh, blimey!’

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