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Video Has Emerged Of A Teacher Being Struck In The Head

Shocking vision of a high school teacher being punched in the head by a former student has emerged, amid claims he was sacked and later reinstated following the incident.

Reynella East College teacher Michael Eglinton was on duty in 2014, when he found a student smoking at a bus stop in school uniform.

The video shows the teacher repeatedly ask the student to stop smoking, but he is a met with a barrage of abuse.

The next day the teacher is confronted by the 16-year-old’s boyfriend, in video obtained by The Advertiser. The video shows, a youth, who had been expelled from the school, run at Mr Eglinton and aim multiple blows at his head.

The teacher was later sacked by the Education Department who deemed his behaviour towards the former student as “disgraceful and/ or improper” because he exclaimed “You’re mad’ and “You’re crazy, boy,” as he was being struck.  

Last month, the decision was successfully appealed with the state Teacher’s Appeal Board ordering Mr Eglinton back to work.

The Education Department refused to comment on the dismissal and the subsequent reinstatement of Mr Eglinton, according to The Advertiser.

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