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The Latest Twist In The Louise Bell Murder Case

Child killer Dieter Pfennig has had a partial legal victory in court today, winning the right to challenge his conviction over the murder of schoolgirl, Louise Bell. 

It means the infamous cold case will continue, with taxpayer funds most likely contributing to Pfennig's ever growing legal costs.

In the Court of Criminal Appeal, Justice Malcolm Blue ruled DNA evidence should be re-examined. He said Pfennig’s claim that his DNA had “innocently transferred” onto Louise’s torn and discarded pyjama top should be examined by a Full Court bench.

The judge dismissed the 69-year-old's claim the DNA was not his saying it was “not reasonably arguable”." 

It's the very DNA evidence which secured the conviction against Pfennig.  

The 69-year-old is serving two life sentences for the murders of Louise Bell and Michael Black in 1989.   

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