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Melbourne Cup Party Moment That Has Left Australia Shocked

A baby has been photographed being dangled off a third-story balcony during a Melbourne Cup Party.

The infant, who appears to be a boy, was seen by witnesses suspended over the edge of a building in Cremorne, on Tuesday, according to the Herald Sun.

Dean Harris, a father-of-two, said during the 'revolting' incident he saw the child dangled over the balcony's railing three or four times. 


'We saw some imbecile in a flannelette shirt just dancing the kid over [the balcony],' Mr Harris said.

'[The child] didn't look happy. I have got no idea why they would do that.'

'It makes you feel sick.' 

The incident was not reported to police or the Department of Heath and Human Services, The Herald Sun Sunday reported.

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