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The Gable Tostee Line That Will Give You Chills

When talking about a story like the tragic one involving Gable Tostee and Warriena Wright, it’s difficult to keep your personal views out of it.

However, for those who watched the 60 Minutes exclusive with Tostee last night, it wouldn’t be hard to believe your views had been set in stone.

For the first time since the tragedy, Tostee spoke out, finally telling his side of the story.

The one thing that stood out in the discussion, was the fact that at around 1am, Tostee pushed ‘record’ on his mobile phone.

That fact alone is confusing for many, with Tostee explaining that he did it ‘just incase’. When probed why, Tostee revealed, ‘the question isn’t why did I record it, the question is why wouldn’t I?’

‘I don’t remember a lot when I drink, so it’s better to have something and not need it, than need something and not have it.

’ It turns out for Tostee, the tape was used by his lawyer to help his defence, and without it, his lawyer revealed it would have been ‘a very different trial’.

And the one big thing that no-one can understand, is the fact that even though his mobile phone picked up Wright’s last terrified scream as she fell to her death through LOCKED balcony door, Tostee insists that he himself didn’t hear it.

‘I’m sure you won’t be surprised when I tell you I don’t believe you,’ the 60 Minutes reporter said.

After a night of what Tostee described as ‘play fighting that got worse and worse’, he then got agitated and muttered a sentence that would haunt him long after the tragedy was over.

'You're lucky I haven't chucked you off my balcony, you God damn psycho little b****,' Tostee could be heard saying in the audio.

He said that was merely a 'horribly unfortunate choice of words'.

'I didn't intend it as a threat. I intended it as a figure of speech that she was lucky I was tolerant.'

Source: Daily Mail

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