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Man Found Guilty Of Sexual Assaults Against Daughters & Dog

A 27-year-old Adelaide has been found guilty of sexually assaulting his three-year-old daughter, nine-year-old stepdaughter and sexually penetrating the family dog and pet chickens. Despite being found guilty of the sickening crimes he could be released as early as 2019. 

The majority of abuse was against his stepdaughter, who he assaulted whilst she slept. A court heard the man had been abused as a child and had also had sexual contact with a dog.

His wife reported the crimes against his daughter and stepdaughter to police after the man confessed to the abuse in a letter to her. A psychologist report revealed the 27-year-old father had a ‘distorted’ attitude and was ‘aroused by the wrongfulness of his sexual behaviour.’

The children’s devastated mother told the court through a victim impact statement that her ‘beautiful, innocent children never, ever deserved such terrible violations to their bodies and hearts.' 

District Court Judge Paul Muscat labelled the abuse ‘unnatural’, ‘gross’ and ‘disturbing.’  

'You abused and betrayed in the most serious way possible your position as father of the children to satisfy your abnormal sexual desires,' he said.  

'You know you must now pay the price,’ he continued. 

The District Court Judge conceded that the sentence might appear moderate to some, but it was indicative of the man’s confession, remorse and strong motivation to recover. 

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