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The Top 25 Most Common Passwords Have Been Revealed

The top 25 most common passwords have been revealed and we're suddenly feeling very, very silly.

SplashData has surveyed more than five million passwords sourced from global data leaks and pulled together the most popular combinations of letters and numbers used worldwide.

And boy-oh-boy are there some crackers; from the classic "123456" to the not-so-secure "password", it seems like we need to work harder on our originality.

So what to do if your favourite password - and let's be honest, we tend to rely on the same couple of words for everything - is on the list?

First things first, change 'em up. And we mean change them; making minor tweaks isn't really going to do anything.

Then, look at using a program that'll help you keep track of your secure new passwords (Stay Smart Online recommends a password manager) or implement two-factor authentication where possible.

And for goodness' sake, STOP using "password" as your password. 


Top 25 most common passwords

1. 123456

2. password

3. 12345

4. 12345678

5. football

6. qwerty

7. 1234567890

8. 1234567

9. princess

10. 1234

11. login

12. welcome

13. solo

14. abc123

15. admin

16. 121212

17. flower

18. passw0rd

19. dragon

20. sunshine

21. master

22. hottie

23. loveme

24. zaq1zaq1

25. password1

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