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The Truth About Schapelle Corby

Whether you like it or not, Schapelle Corby has dominated the headlines over the last few days. If you’ve been living under a rock, or just chose to shun the over the top media coverage, Schapelle returned home to Australia after 12 years in Bali.

With the intense media attention has come rumours and speculation about Corby and her family. We've decided to help sort the fact from fiction, addressing some of the biggest rumours. The answers may surprise you.

Rumour: Schapelle's father had been convicted on drugs charges. 

Fact: The late Michael Corby had no criminal record. In the 1970's he received a fine when police raided a party and found a single joint. At the time, Schapelle’s father had a broken leg and was the only one who didn’t flee. He was never interviewed by police and was never convicted.   

Rumour: Schapelle's sister Mercedes lived in Bali before her sister's arrest and owned a surf shop with her husband from where they sold drugs. 

Fact: Mercedes and her family never owned a surf shop and did not live in Bali before Schapelle's arrest. Mercedes and her ex-husband lived in Queensland and were in Bali to celebrate Mercede's 30th birthday.

Rumour: Schapelle's half-brother James Kisina was responsible for the drugs that were found in her boogie board bag. 

Fact: Schapelle’s brother was a 16-year-old high school student at the time of his sister’s arrest. He had no criminal history, until 15 months following her arrest. Schapelle has always claimed her brother had nothing to do with the drugs in her bag. 

Source: Supplied

Rumour: Schapelle's father Michael lived next door to a drug dealer. 

Fact: Michael Corby’s neighbour was convicted of growing and possessing marijuana but was found not guilty of "supplying" it. Mr Corby and the man in question hadn't been neighbours for almost a year before Schapelle flew to Bali in 2004.   

Rumour: The same day Schapelle travelled through Sydney airport, from Brisbane and onto Bali a police operation targeting baggage handlers using passengers bags to traffic drugs was underway.

Fact: True. Dubbed 'Operation Mocha', police were investigating claims QANTAS baggage handlers had been allegedly paid $300,000 to smuggle a briefcase of cocaine through Sydney Airport, the same day Corby flew to Bali via Sydney. The operation was headed by Former Police Commissioner Mark Standen, who was later sentenced to 22 years in jail after being found guilty of planning to import 300 kilograms of pseudoephedrine, used to manufacture ice.

Source: Getty Images

Rumour: Schapelle and Mercedes Corby refused to agree to DNA test the marijuana. 

Fact: In December 2004, Schapelle consented to have the Australian Federal Police offer the Bali Police assistance to test the marijuana. Bali police never took them up on the offer, despite her defence team pushing for the DNA testing. Her lawyers also requested fingerprinting of the inner plastic bags, which was never done. The evidence was later burnt.

Rumour: Schapelle was photographed with a drug dealer before going to Bali. This claim was front page news and was the first story apparently linking Schapelle to a drug network.

Fact: The photo in question was taken inside Kerobokan in 2005 and not before her arrest. The man in the photo was one of hundreds of tourists who went to visit the then 27-year-old and was not known to Corby. He asked for a photo and Schapelle agreed, having no knowledge of his drug history. The journalist who printed the accusations had to retract the story a week later, confirming the photos had been take inside the prison and the man was not known to Corby. 

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