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The World's Most Dangerous Superbug Is On Its Way To Aus!

The world’s most dangerous strain of bacteria that is found in superbugs looks set to be on to its way to Australia.

And it’s spread by touch.

The MCR-1 resistance gene is unstoppable and will worsen the threat of superbugs.

The bug was first detected in China a year ago and has since spread around the world.

When first discovered, the strain was found in a pig before moving into raw meat and a small number of people.

The superbug is hard to tackle at the moment, and if it spreads to Australia, it will be a national emergency to prevent the spread of it.

The rise of superbugs has been described as the “antibiotic apocalypse” and could kill 10 million people a year by 2050.

That means one person would die every three seconds and could be killing more people than cancer.

Antibiotics have aided the growth of the superbugs, and the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention said they were not prescribed properly 50 percent of the time.

With antibiotics killing our sickness, they also get rid of good bacterias that protect us, which can allow the superbugs to move in.

Superbugs can’t be killed by many antibiotics, meaning they can grow without anything fighting them.

The bug has been identified in 10 countries so far, with one patient being diagnosed in New York, with other cases discovered in Canada and Europe.

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