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There Are Some Grave Concerns For Schapelle Corby

Schapelle Corby’s parole officers have visited her at her Kuta home and during that time, she has told them she is sick and afraid while asking them to help her.

When the three officers arrived at her home, Corby was in her room and came out to see them with her face covered.

The head of corrections Surung Pasaribu visited with two other officers, and she has revealed that she feels besieged by media as her May 27 release date and deportation home approaches.

Speaking to News Corp, Mr Pasaribu said that when he asked how Corby was going, she said I am very afraid. I am sick”.

“I asked, how are you? I am sick. She said,”

Mr Pasaribu said that Corby is fearful.

“The point of what she said is, I already undergo guidance until the end. Please help me. Don’t make me scared. She is afraid. She doesn’t know who is chasing her, who will see her, who will interview her.

“So we should accommodate her complaint. And our responsibility, Bali Law and Human Rights Ministry, Correctional division, and parole board, is to supervise her until she finishes her parole,” Mr Pasaribu said.

Corby’s sister has also got involved, with Pasaribu saying Corby’s sister told us that Corby feels scared to go out from the house, stressed. So our parole officers should monitor her. And based on her, she is very afraid to meet people.’’

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