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There Is A HUGE Change Coming For NAB Customers

NAB is set to roll out ‘virtual bankers’ to perform tasks that have been completed in the past by staff in call centres as they look save hundreds of millions of dollars.

With banks planning to use automation to cut cost and save customers time, NAB is launching a ‘chatbot’ to deal with common questions in its business banking arm but there are plans to bring it in across the company.

The chatbots allow 200 customer queries to be answered by a computer rather than a human and are currently being trailed to answer questions about business credit cards.

By 2020, NAB expects it can save up to $16 million through the chatbots in its business banking arm, because of the sheer volume of calls it receives about relatively simple matters.

Chief operating officer Antony Cahill  Said "This is hundreds of millions of dollars of opportunity. There's a lot of work to do and we're ambitious, but this is the goal that we're setting for ourselves.’’

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