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Travel Warning Issued For Aussies Heading To The UK

Australians travelling to the United Kingdom and London are being warned to be extra vigilant after a string of knife attacks in recent days. 

Five people have been stabbed to death in six days in the capital city. 

While there is nothing to imply that tourists are being targeted in the attacks, Aussies are being told to be extra careful and trust their instincts if they find themselves in a less than safe neighbourhood. 

Over 35,000 Aussies will make the trip to London in the next month, it has been predicted. 

Travel Safety Expert Phil Sylvester told Nine News of the increased risk. 

"Be aware that if you find yourself in an argument with a young person, encounter someone who is affected by drugs, they very well may have a knife and could use it," he told 9News.

"If you have a feeling you have strolled into a 'dodgy' area trust your instincts and remove yourself."

The Department of Foreign Affairs has also acknowledged the heightened threat of terrorist activities in the UK. 

The youngest victim in the stabbings was just 15 years old. 

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