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Nation's most-wanted fugitives may be living in SA community

Crime Stoppers has revealed that two of Australia’s most-wanted fugitives are from South Australia – and may even be familiar faces in the community.

A new campaign, called Operation Roam, has been launched by the organisation in a bid to finally bring 19 runaway criminals to justice.

Among the fugitives are Robert Gordon Pollybank Gee and San Sem, two South Australians who are believed to be drug traffickers.

Gordon Pollybank Gee is linked to a substantial amount of illicit drugs found by SA Police in 2006; he is thought to have been the ringleader of the drug supply network that supplied the substances.

Sem went on the run in 2010 after failing to appear in court on charges of manufacturing methylamphetamine and drug trafficking.

Sharon Hanlon, the SA Chair of Crime Stoppers, said that the two men have probably integrated themselves among the community in order to keep a low profile.

“These fugitives are wanted on a range of very serious offences, and they might be a neighbour, work colleague, friend or family member,” she said.

“Someone, somewhere knows where these people live or places they frequent.

“If someone has any information, they can anonymously share that with Crime Stoppers and help to bring these people to justice.”

The full list of runaways being targeted under Operation Roam, which runs until August 26, is available at fugitivehunt.com.au.


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