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Two SA Schools Involved In Teen-Targeted Pornography Ring

A nationwide pornography ring targeting more than 70 Australian schools has been uncovered by news.com.au - and two of the high schools are based in South Australia.

The publication reports that more than 2000 graphic, sexual images of Australian female students and other young women have been shared - and "hunted" for - by males in their teens and early twenties since the group began in December 2015. 

Users request schools or areas they want naked photos from, asking for images of particular girls by their full names; if the girl is known by other group members, they "contribute" by volunteering whatever personal information they can, including her school, home address, identifying pictures and even her phone number.

Naked photos (or "wins") of the nominated target are then uploaded or, even more disturbingly, offered as a trade.

News.com.au also found that some girls are so sought after that "bounties" are offered for any images that can be offered up of them; the perverse uploads include pictures of the victim's breasts and gentalia and high school girls - often still in uniform - and other young women performing oral and penetrative sexual acts.

The site has been reported a number of times to police but, as the site is hosted overseas, they are unable to take any action.

Many victims are unaware that their photos are being spread through the site, although some claim that when they found out and pleaded for the images to be removed, even more were unearthed and added to the website.

In one case, a girl who wrote to the page asking for pictures of her friend to be taken down then became a target herself.

At least 70 Australian schools have been identified as marks; aside from two high schools in South Australia, the site mentions 28 in NSW, 15 in Victoria, 18 in Queensland, five in the ACT and two in Tasmania.

While codes are used throughout the site in order to prevent users being found, the two SA schools involved in the ring have been named as Glossop High School and Thomas More College.

Anyone who has further information related to the site, or who has concerns, is urged to contact Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000 or the Child Protection Helpline on 132 111.

Stock photo via AAP

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