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Woman Arrested Over 8 German Baby Bodies Found

German police have found the bodies of eight babies in an apartment in the state of Bavaria, in what could be one of the country's worst infanticide cases.

A 45-year-old woman believed to be the children's mother has been arrested, along with a 55-year-old man, local police said.

Police in the town of Wallenfels said they were alerted last Thursday by a resident who found an infant's body in the apartment.

When officers arrived at the scene they uncovered several other bodies, wrapped in hand towels and in plastic bags.

Forensic examinations of the corpses, police said, could take time "due to the poor condition" of some bodies, with no result expected before early next week.

The German daily Bild reported that a former resident of the apartment had lived there with her husband for 18 years, and that the couple had three children.

But the woman also had four other children from other relationships, it said, adding she had sought to hide her frequent pregnancies.

It quoted an unnamed source saying the woman had had four miscarriages.

She had moved out in late September after a row with her husband, Bild said, adding that while drunk, the woman had spoken of hiding babies' bodies at home.

The claim was overheard by a neighbour, who began looking for the bodies and alerted police when she made a macabre find, Bild said.

The suspect reportedly worked at a newspaper kiosk, and in the summer as a swimming-pool lifeguard.A neig

hbour described her as a "nice person" who took good care of her children, according to the daily Sueddeutsch Zeitung.

From the street, cheery children's artwork could be seen taped to the apartment windows.


Photo: AAP ONE

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