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Woman Discovers Her Husband Has Three Wives And 13 Children

Mary Turner Thomson experienced a woman's worst nightmare after discovering her 'CIA Agent' husband had three other wives.

William Allen Jordan reportedly had at least 13 children with six women, and claimed to be a 'secret agent'. 

The mother-of-three thought she had the perfect marriage until she discovered that her American husband was living multiple lives.

"I met William online when I was a single mum with a nine-month-old baby. He was very charming," she told the Daily Record.

"We started dating and he actually asked me to marry him within two weeks of meeting - I said, 'No', but we did ­eventually get engaged then we were married for four years.

"After six months of being together, I fell ­pregnant, which was a huge surprise because he told me he was infertile."


However, it turned out the 'CIA Agent' was an IT worker, who forged letters from the deputy Prime Minister and passes to military bases to support his lies.

William Allen Jordan convinced his wife that he was a 'secret agent' who went on regular 'missions', when in fact, he was visiting his other families. 

He convinced the Edinburgh local to hand over $350,000 to one of his 'enemies' who had threatened to kidnap their children.

"I thought if we didn’t give them money, they would kill the kids. I was living in abject error."


It wasn't until Mary received a phone call from one of William's other wives that she realised something was wrong.

William was jailed for bigamy, illegal possession of a stun gun, fraud, and other offences. The bigamist served two years imprisonment in Scotland before being deported back to the USA.

Mary Turner Thomson's experiences have since been turned into a book, entitled 'The Bigamist' which details her relationship with the psychopathic con man. 

Image Source: Daily Mirror

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