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Woman Who Blew 0.445 BAC Says She Didn't Do Anything Wrong

Many believe that a Sydney mum, who was found by police passed out in her car, nine times over the legal blood alcohol limit, should have lost her license or be locked up, but Susan Lung says that she didn’t actually break the law.

The 42-year-old mum of two spoke out on 60 minutes last night, six-months on from the incident that found her in her car, parked in a bus zone, drinking almost two full casks of wine.

In November last year, Susan Lung was given a breath test by police after they found her almost incoherent in her parked car. She blew a reading of 0.445, which is one of the highest blood alcohol readings in the history of NSW.

Ms Lung was originally arrested for drink driving, but after appearing before the court she miraculously avoided the charge and managed to keep her license due to a minor detail.

Speaking with 60 Minutes last night, Ms Lung apologised and for her behaviour and explained how she ended up in her car, so drunk that police say she could’ve easily overdosed.

Ms Lung told 60 Minutes that she had been devastated after her husband of 24-years had told her that he was leaving her. She parked her car in a free spot, that she didn’t realise was a bus zone at the time, after dropping her two children off at school.

“[I was] just sitting there thinking, ‘What’s happened to my life? Where did it go wrong,” she said. “And then I remembered that I had wine in the back, so I just pulled it into the front and just took the first sip, and then from there it just went downhill.”

But despite drinking almost two casks of wine between 10am and 12:30pm and blowing a reading of nine times the legal limit, Ms Lung said that she hadn’t done anything illegal because she never actually drove while drunk.

In April, Ms Lung escaped conviction after her court case against her was thrown out due to a loophole. The law states that a police officer can only take a breath test if they have a reasonable belief that the person had driven within the past two hours.

The Daily Telegraph reported that police were not able to prove that Ms Lung had driven her car during the time that she had been excessively drinking and so a conviction could not stick.

Ms Lung claims that she parked her car while she was still sober and then began to drink while the car was parked.

“It’s not illegal to sit in your car and drink,” said Ms Lung to 60 Minutes.

What do you think? Do you think Ms Lung should have been punished or did she really do nothing wrong?

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