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Woman Spends $200,000 Life Savings On Sri Lankan Toy Boy

A woman has been left stranded in Sri Lanka after her toy boy husband was murdered by gangsters. 

60-year-old Diane De Zoysa spent $200,000 on her 26-year-old Sri Lankan husband who she now admits "obviously didn't love her". 

Two years ago, Diane De Zoysa sold her house in the UK to use the cash to build a house in Sri Lanka, and purchase a minibus for her husband. 

It wasn't until her 26-year-old husband Priyanjana was killed by gangsters last year that things started going south. The 60-year-old was left stranded in the country before landing at Edinburgh Airport after a strenuous 20-hour journey.


De Zoysa was allegedly kept "under house arrest" by her late husband's family, refusing to let her sell her house, and demanding cash from her pension.

"I just couldn't stay there any longer," she told the Daily Record. "I kind of feel stupid now that I didn't listen to my family and my friends because they said it was just about the money."

"I thought he did really love me but obviously he didn't."


It has been reported that the British woman paid over $100,000 for the house, which was built directly next to her husband's family home, and another $55,000 for a minibus that Priyanjana could drive. 

Following his death, she suspected her husband had a second wife after discovering some incriminating paperwork in his personal belongings. 


She told Daily Mail that she believes her husband was killed by men over money extortion.

"His friend told me they were jealous because he was rich. They were jealous because he had a nice house, minibus and tuk-tuk," she explained.

"They blackmailed him. He did give them some money but they wanted more. Because they didn't give him more, they shot them. They must have gone looking for him."

Despite being back in the UK, she owes over $7,000 on her credit card, and admits she can't live on her pension. She is now in talks with local council and lawyers for help. 

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