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Dog And Boy Are Best Mates!

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This little boy taking the family dog for a walk is cute enough as it is, watch what happens when he spots a puddle and lets go of the dogs lead!

It's A Baby... Dog?!

At Home


Photos: Count It Joy Photography If you're guilty of taking the term 'fur baby' quite literally, than we've found an idea that will have you searching for the swaddling blanket! A couple in the US have shown just how deep our love for man's best friend can run, posing for a newborn photo shoot - with their dog. The tongue-in-cheek shoot inclu...

Dog Waterballoons Trampoline

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This dog named 'Spaz' can't believe his luck after his owners organised this little treat for him...

Determined Dog A Clever Thinker

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This clever dog is damned determined!  Watch as he tries with all his might to get across a bridge alongside his owner.  Catch is he also desperately wants to take a giant stick he found with him.  The stick and the bridge don't seem to mix... but will he find a way to get across anyway?  Watch and see! So cute and clever! 

Denver The Guilty Dog Hates His Ear Medicine

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No one likes having to take medicine, and it's even harder when you have to try and give some to an uncooperative pet! Watch as this adorable Labrador named Denver pulls hilarious faces as he tries to avoid getting his ear medicine. His owner struggles to contain himself as the dog tries desperately to distract his owner!  

Homeless Dog Jumps Into Car Starts New Life

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We love these types of stories. A family were travelling together when they noticed a dog by the side of the road that was clearly homeless and struggling to even walk properly. When they pulled over to see what they could do to help her, she immediately jumped into the car and was adopted on the spot. Clearly having suffered abuse as well as...

Stray Dog Shakes Rescuers Hand On Busy Road

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What would you do if you saw an obviously neglected looking dog lost and scared near a busy road? Most people would do the right thing and call the RSPCA or perhaps even try to befriend to stop it from hurting itself. Luckily for this dog in Romania, not only did someone calm it down (once he felt safe he stuck his paw out as sign of trust) th...

What This Dog Did To Protect Blind Owner Is Heroic

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A service dog in the US threw himself into the path of an oncoming minibus to protect his blind owner. According to The Journal News, a staffer at the local vet said the Golden Retriever, Figo, is "on the mend and doing extremely well". The dog's right front leg is in a splint, but his 62-year-old owner, Audrey Stone, remains in hospital suffe...

Clever Dog Refuses To Eat Alone

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Being alone is no fun and it seems this newly adopted puppy Bonnie can't chow down on dinner unless he is by her pal Clyde's side.  This hilarious video has been uploaded to Youtube by their owner saying that the rescue dog can't eat until he drags his bowl across the kitchen to his mate.  Very clever! 

This Dog Wears A Beret And Makes Masterpieces

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First of all this dude’s name is DogVinci. If this story stopped right here it would still be the greatest story of all time, but it does NOT stop here, sit back and be prepared to fall in love with an artist of the canine kind. Dagger (that’s his real name but puleaze - everyone knows a good artist has at least two names) is better at art tha...

Man Walking Dog Stumbles Onto Something HILARIOUS

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UK writer Joe Craig has written on Twitter a hilarious escapade that happened when he took his dog for a walk. The things that happen late at night eh...?

Guide Dog Adorably Obsesses Over Pluto At Disneyland

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Now we know that dreams really do come true at Disneyland! At least for this guide dog in training... Ace, a service dog in training for Guide Dogs America, went on a field trip to Disneyland and got to meet his favourite character, Pluto. So Cute!!!  Service Dog in training gets to meet his favorite character Pluto! Posted by Disney Do...

How Jimmy The Dog Became A Fashion Icon

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When Rafael Mantesso's wife left him, she took everything except the bed, his clothes, the fridge and the bull terrier, Jimmy. Rafael was faced with white walls, floors and no furniture. To keep boredom at bay he started to doodle on the floors, and took some photos of his dog - this changed his life. He gained a HUGE global following from th...

Baby Emu Loves To Play With Family Dog

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This video of an adopted baby emu being raised by a family is too cute. Watch as it runs around excitedly when the pet dog wanders into the room and they then take off on a hilarious game of chase that the dog still seems a little unsure about!

NSW Police Dog Marco Saves Mans Life

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A NSW police dog is being called a hero after finding a missing man who was clinging to a tree above a river in NSW's central coast on Saturday night.  An aged care facility contacted police on Saturday night when a patient went missing after going outside.  Police and staff searched the surrounding area for the man, aged 65, including a nearb...

WATCH: This Adorable Seal Can't Stop Cuddling a Dog

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This is just the cutest thing we have ever seen! A seal cuddles with a Labrador dog... just hurry up and watch the video! 

Man's Penis 'De-Gloved' After Dog Attack



In one of the most horrific attacks that Bondi Beach paramedics have ever seen, a man's penis has been completely 'de-gloved' after he was bitten by a dog while swimming at the beach.  Network Ten's hit doco series Bondi Rescue filmed the incident, involving a local man named Paul.  In the clip, obtained by News Corp Australia, Paul yells "I'v...

A Tiny Dog Has a Ridiculous Sneeze



Who would have thought such a tiny dog could make such a loud, prolonged and downright weird noise while sneezing? It's a Pomeranian puppy that takes a while to build up to the sneeze, then makes a weird squealing sound and shakes its head back and forth really fast.

This Cow Just Wants To Be A Dog, Okay?

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Being a cow is hard work. You have to graze, and stay outside... Sometimes being a dog would be way better. That's exactly what this cow, named Goliath, thought when she saw her opportunity - an open door. The image rapidly went viral over Twitter. My cow thinks he's a dog... We left the door open for 5 minutes pic.twitter.com/Wj1OHygrAH...

Dog Refuses To Get In The Bath, Protests In Cutest Way

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This dog, named Harvey, is struggling to get away from bathtime. His owner pulls and drags him towards the bathroom, but this pup is not having a bar of it! We'll never know if he found his escape... H/T Mashable

Man Finds Happiness In Dog Art After Wife Leaves Him

The Feed


When you go through heartbreak, it's all about finding a way to cope and feel okay again. For one man, Rafael Mantesso, he was left feeling incredibly low when his wife left and took with her most of their possessions. She did however leave behind the couple's dog, Jimmy Choo. As a way of feeling better, Mantesso began creating hilarious artw...

This Chubby Dog Flew First Class On American Airlines

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A photo of a very large dog being carted onto a plane in Los Angeles has gone viral thanks to a Twitter user. The dog's name is Hank, and he flew first class with his owner Kari Whitman, an interior designer. Hank is her support animal and due to an illness he can only move with the aid of the cart - which also explains his weight. holy shi...

Cute Girls Teach Dog To Jump On The Bed

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Whats more fun than jumping on the bed when you're a little kid? Teaching the dog how to do it as well! When these two little girls were having such a ball jumping on a mattress, the pet pooch thought it looked like a laugh and joined in! After a few tentative bounces the dog is soon leaping hysterically, much to the joy of it's human friends...

This Dog Bouncing in a Field is the Cutest Thing Ever

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Seeing this dog bounce through a field has possibly brought me more joy to watch than the actual dog… Rosie, according to her owner is half whippet, half poodle that REALLY likes to bounce. English comedian and podcaster Adam Buxton uploaded the video of his pooch saying “I ensured the field (which is in Norwich, East Anglia, UK) was entirely...

Amber Heard Dog Smuggling Trial Date Set



Johnny Depp's wife Amber Heard will stand trial in Australia on dog-smuggling charges in April. The actress and her husband fell foul of our animal importation laws in May when she allegedly flew their pet terriers, Pistol and Boo, into the country without the proper permits. The Rum Diary star is charged with two counts of illegal importation...

Excitable Dog Doesn't Need Humans To Play Fetch

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Who needs humans when you can have your own fetch machine.  Buddy the dog obviously has had plenty of practice with his new toy (apparently labelled a 'GoDogGo').  He excitedly waits for the ball to be dispatched before running and catching it on the full.  It actually looks like heaps of fun... 

5-Year-Old Melbourne Girl Bitten By Dog Inside Bunnings Store



There is uproar this morning after a little girl was bitten by a dog in a Bunnings store in Melbourne. The incident came about after Bunnings passed a rule that allowed dogs to enter their stores. According to a report on Herald Sun, the hardware store chain is now reviewing the policy after five-year-old Madelyn Hungerford was bitten on the k...

The Way This Dog Transformed In Only Two Months Is Amazing

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He started off as a street dog with a severe case of mange, suffering dehydration and facing starvation if he wasn't helped. Animal Aid India documented the dog's journey from sad and sickly, to happy and healthy. After two months of intense treatment, the dog has fully recovered, and his skin has fully healed. The transformation is truly ama...

Dog shaming

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It has become a trend recently but that doesn't make these photos any less funny. From all sorts of bodily functions to wrecking couches, slippers and everything in between, these pooches are in a bit of trouble.

No-One Can Decide How A Dog Should Wear Human Pants

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There are some things that go around the internet and it’s safe to say, they baffle us. Somehow, things you didn’t even know mattered to you begin to plague your mind - like how dogs should wear human pants for instance. This image has many people forgetting everything they thought they knew and spending much more time thinking about than they...

This Dog Is A Kiosk Assistant And He's Great At His Job

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Everyone's gotta make ends meet and this Shiba Inu in Tokyo helps his owner run his kiosk. But the thing is, Shiva the Shiba Inu only serves cucumbers... And well, he's also a dog. But he's kind of a local legend around Tokyo for his exceptional customer service, greeting customers by opening the window. Miki Kotevski, who uploaded the video...

Dog Makes Spaghetti Carbonara!

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This puppy-chef, Panda, will teach you how to cook Spaghetti Carbonara. From cutting the bacon, grating the cheese and cooking the pasta he has nailed the decadent dish!  Watch here! 

Fritz The Dog Can't Catch!

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Most dogs, especially retrievers will wolf down any food thrown their way. Not Fritz. He couldn't catch a cold. Watch in hilarious slow motion as he tries and fails to catch an assortment of food including donuts, steak, meatballs and more!  

Toddler V Dog - Who Gets The Treats

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Well at least someone is listening!  This hilarious video shows the competitiveness between a toddler and their pet dog - especially when treats are involved! The mum is trying her hardest to get the toddler to say 'mama' and well... the outcome is not what you would expect!  Watch for yourself to find out! 

Thousands Of Animals Slaughtered At Chinese Dog Meat Festival

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Each year as many as 10,000 dogs are slaughtered for a barbaric Yulin festival, held in the rural and poor Guangxi province in China. The animals, most stolen as pets or strays from the street, are killed for their meat to mark the summer solstice. The dogs are kept in tightly packed cages to be sold at the carnival, and although hundreds of d...

Nutella Starts Fire At Family Home and Kills Pet Dog

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Sadly a family dog has died and a house has been burnt down after a fire sparked from sun rays shining through a glass jar of Nutella. The blaze was ignited when low winter light was refracted by a Nutella container sitting on a window sill, investigators believe. The rays were apparently magnified and beamed onto blinds, causing them to catch...

Sweetpee Rambo Has Just Been Crowned The World's Ugliest Dog

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Sweetpee Rambo must rely on her personality a LOT because she has NOT been blessed in the looks department. The Chihuahua/Chinese Crested mix is blind, has matted hair and a tiny scrawny body and to top it all off her tongue sticks out in this weird non-adorable way. But all of these qualities didn't phase Sweetpee Rambo as she brought her A g...

Last Known 9/11 Rescue Dog Honoured With Best Birthday Party

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Golden Retriever Bretagne is the last known rescue dog who worked at Ground Zero on 9/11. She has turned 16 years old, so her owner and handler - Texas Task Force 1 member, Denise Corliss - honoured her service with the best day ever! In conjunction with BarkBox and their "Dog's Best Day" series, they honoured her service with a fun-packed, do...

Timelapse Of A Guide Dog In Training Gives Us All The Feels

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This story had us on an emotional roller-coaster.  Meet Lombard - the energetic guide dog in training! Lombard was adopted by Hana Kim who decided she would film a second of his journey each day of his training to present at his final days of preparation and testing.  But don't be fooled by those puppy dog eyes and enthusiasm - training a gui...

INXS Star Caught Up In Dog Attack Drama



Former INXS bass player Garry Gary Beers has been caught up in a nasty legal battle over an alleged dog attack. Cindy Williams is countersuing the rocker, claiming he set his pets on her husband during an altercation in Studio City, California in December. In her suit, filed on Monday, Williams alleges negligent infliction of emotional distres...

NZ Police Dog Gazza Shot Dead In Manhunt



'Gazza', a police dog has been shot and killed after police tried to arrest a wanted man in Porirua. When police went to a house in Kokiri Crescent on Wednesday morning, the man shot the dog and fled the scene, police say. An officer was injured while jumping from the second storey of the house during the incident, and a helicopter was sent to...

Couple Let Dog Film Wedding... Captures True Spirit Of Event

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Who needs a professional videographer on their wedding day.  This couple instead opted for their pet dog. “It was cold and magical,” Marshall writes on Youtube. “Our dog, Ryder, insisted on filming the wedding video, so we let her do her thing. She took awhile to edit the footage, but we think she did a great job.” Strapping a gopro to the p...

Is Your Name On The List Most Popular Dog Names?

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Are you looking for a name for a new dog - or a new baby? Well, it actually means you only have to look at the one list. Yep. The most popular names for dogs and babies are pretty much the same - with heaps of names making both top 10 lists for boys and girls. Pet tracker Whistler made the discovery when they conducted a survey of popular pe...

The Dog That Melted Hearts With Maternity Shoot Gives Birth

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Remember the pregnant pooch that won over the internet with a maternity photo shoot last week?  Well, the newborn images are in and they are INCREDIBLY adorable.  The mum is proud as punch and the beautiful litter of babies are adorable.  Capturing the precious moments between mum and pups, 'Anna Fotografia' shared the new images on her Fac...

Parents Try To Get Toddler to Say 'Mama,' But Dog Says It First

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Don't you hate it when your dog beats you in important milestones? A video posted on YouTube by user Sam Giovanini is currently making the rounds online, and has racked up over a million views already, all because this poor little baby has been outshined by his smart dog. Even though it's pretty annoying for the baby, you have to admit, it is o...

Anti-Social Dog Refuses To Join The Party



If you've ever felt uncomfortable at a party, like you didn't belong there, you're going to immediately connect with this dog. While others are swimming around and enjoying the doggie pool, this anti-social pooch just wants no part of it. The cute clip has gone viral and received over eight million views

Serena Williams Ill After Eating Dog Food



Tennis champion Serena Williams is feeling "really sick" after downing a spoonful of dog food. The legendary 34-year-old athlete revealed on her Snapchat account this week that she had undergone a strange culinary experiment inspired by her pet pooch. “I’m like, ‘What the heck, I’m going to try a piece. It looks good'," she said of sampling he...

Dog Outsmarts Humans, Undoes Milk Carton And Bottle-Feeds

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This poodle knows how to party! The owners of the lovable Coco filmed the cheeky pet grab a 2L bottle of milk from the fridge, bring it onto the carpet in the living room, take the lid off and start to drink it. The best part is Coco rolls onto her back to drink it, just like a baby having a bottle of milk. H/T Mashable

Why You Need To Stop Hugging Your Dog NOW

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Hey you, yes YOU - step away from the dog. It’s been revealed in a study by Psychology Today that dogs HATE hugs. We get all the gratification and the poor things end up afraid. In the study, a researcher discovered that in photos of dogs being hugged 82 per cent of them were displaying signs of great anxiety. Their heads were turned away, t...

Buried Dog Rescued And Social Media Calls For Justice

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A dog was buried alive by a 21-year-old owner in France, and people are calling for the maximum sentence to be handed down to the owner, who was arrested. He claims that the French Mastiff ran away, but authorities said that story isn't very plausible as she was over 10 years old and has arthritis.

One Armed Toddler Finds Bestie In Three-Legged Dog

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Ella Peggie was born with only one arm, and she's found her best friend in a three-legged dog! She suffered from Amniotic Band Syndrome, and was born without an arm. The one-year-old's mother, Brooke Hodgson, saw a one-year-old Staffy Boston Terrier Cross named Snowy for sale, and knew that she would be the perfect companion for her daughter...

Soldier Comes Home From Camp, Elderly Pet Dog Loses It

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There's a reason why dogs are called man's best friend! The reaction of this elderly dog when its owner comes home from military camp is adorable.  At first it whimpers and then just wants to get closer to its owner.  This clip gives us all the feels!

This Dog's Joy On The Treadmill Almost Makes Us Want To Gym

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This happy, healthy dog is having an absolute ball on the treadmill.  Leaping in the air and running along, he actually makes it look like fun.  If only it was the same in real life when we jump on.  We can only dream! 

Terminally Ill Mother With Cancer Is Reunited With Her Dog One Final Time

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If you love animals and feel like your pets are more like your fur babies, you’ll definitely be able to relate to this. A woman in Brazil had been suffering a long battle with a terminal illness, Rebane Chili disease, and decided to finally discontinue her treatment. However, she hadn’t seen her beloved pup, Ritchie, for months, not since bein...

Dog Homeless Its Whole Life, But What Happens When He’s Been Found?

The Feed


This 8-year-old dog, Mufasa, has been homeless since he was born.  When he was found he was living next to a sewage plant. He was hungry, lonely and living dangerously close to tanks that held hazardous chemicals.  Finally the organisation, 'Hope For Paws' was called and he was taken in. Watch this beautiful story here.  

Dog That Doesn't Know How To Eat Pasta Is Too Cute

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Shockingly, not evenyone is a fan of Italian food... Especially this French Bulldog. Or maybe this dog just can't quite remember how to eat a piece of penne that isn't smothered in pasta sauce...? Either way, we won't hold it against him! H/T Mashable

Demi Lovato’s Dog ‘Buddy' Ripped Apart By A Coyote



Demi Lovato has suffered a tragedy, with her dog Buddy dying a sudden death after being "ripped apart" by a coyote. TMZ reported that Demi's dog died on Sunday, after a wild coyote wandered into the backyard of her house in LA. Demi said: "We are absolutely heartbroken to be writing this but Wilmer and I are devastated to inform you that we lo...

Guy Uses Reverse Psychology To Trick Dog To Take Medicine

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Fellipe Chibante needs to get his dog, Honey, to take her medicine and demonstrates how to use reverse psychology. He starts out by pretending to eat the medicine, letting Honey come to him, and says "No" over and over and then "drops" the medicine. Honey the dachshund then swiftly picks up the pill, chewing and swallowing it, thinking she got...

This Dog's Maternity Photo Shoot Is Better Than Most Humans

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A maternity photo shoot is nothing out of the ordinary.  A way to celebrate and embrace a woman's changing body as she nears the end of pregnancy.  But we have never before seen a series of photos taken of a pregnant pooch.  I mean, should we be surprised? Pets are often referred to as 'furbabies' and in our photo loving culture it was only a...

Luciana Gimenez Denies Tryst With Mick Jagger in 'Dog Kennel'



Luciana Gimenez Morad is adamant she and Sir Mick Jagger did not have sex and conceive their son in a dog's "kennel". The 45-year-old former model's tryst with The Rolling Stones rocker in 1998 resulted in 16-year-old Lucas being born and led to the end of Mick's marriage to Jerry Hall in 1999. Writer Christopher Anderson in his book 'Mick: Th...

Buddy The Dog Is Ticking Off Bucket List In Final Weeks

The Feed


Buddy the dog has been diagnosed with cancer but instead of wasting away, he and his owner want to tick off items on his bucket list. Using Facebook and a Go fund me account to share his journey, Buddy has started to tick a number of items off his list... but there's still more to come ahead of his 7th birthday in early March.  The owner poste...

Dog Won't Leave Autistic Owner's Bed In Heartwarming Photos

The Feed


When 9-year-old James Isaac went into hospital to find a cause for his seizures, his therapy dog stayed with him. James has autism and can't speak, won't look his family members in the eye or touch them. But when he was admitted to New Zealand's Wellington Children's Hospital, the hospital graciously let the dog, Mahe, stay with him in the room...

Dog Vs Vacuum Cleaner


Dogs, especially pups are usually scared of the vacuum cleaner. But this little boxer looks like she's enjoying having her slobbery mouth cleaned out by some hoovering! The noises she makes while she latches onto the nozzle are hysterical!

These Celebs Want Your Help To Stop A Dog Eating Festival

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Matt Damon, Kristen Bell and Pamela Anderson are among the stars who have spoken up against a dog eating festival in China. The ten day festival started this week in Yulin, China, and according to the Humane Society International, thousands of dogs and cats will be slaughtered and eaten. In the PSA for the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation, so...

Now Your Dog Can Take Photos Just By Wagging Its Tail

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When it comes to technology and pets, we are generally all for it.  But this new invention has us a little unsure.  Enter "The Posting Tail".  The Posting TailY el perro publica en RRSS sus momentos felices😂😊😄☺🐅🐶🐖🐆 🐩🐾🐪https://t.co/K9YwR9Hny6 Vía @Nexofin pic.twitter.com/sNlABJD1FV — Raúl Delgado Tomás (@rauleliasol) April 14, 201...

Barnaby Joyce Honoured Over Johnny Depp Dog Row



Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce who became Johnny Depp's nemesis at the height of his dog importation scandal has been honoured for his role in the case. Barnaby Joyce accused Depp and his wife Amber Heard of taking their Yorkshire terriers, Pistol and Boo, into the country illegally over the summer while Depp was Down Under filming the late...

Dog Fetch Fails

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This irresistibly funny clip will have the animal lover in you in hysterics, as a number of adorable pooches try their hardest to play fetch... and fail miserably.  The almost misses, and the attempts that weren't even close, there is just something about their playful nature and willingness to try again that has us on board.  Watch below at a...

Lion & Sausage Dog Are Best Mates!

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Milo the dachshund and Bonecrusher the lion are possibly the oddest couple the animal kingdom has given us yet! Poor Bonecrusher was born with a rare bone disease that hampers his ability to walk. Fortunately the keepers at the zoo where he was born found him a playmate, an unlikely choice in the form of Milo. The pair are now totally insepar...

Dog Wraps Blanket Around Sleeping Baby

The Feed


After noticing the newest member of it's family was sleeping unconverted this golden retriever used its nose to nudge a blanket around the newborn, being extra gentle to make sure the baby wasn't woken!

This Dog Enjoys Broccoli More Than You

The Feed


Wow! If only we loved our greens this much! Maybe getting those summer bodies we're dreaming about would be a little bit easier...

Watch Emotional Dog's Reaction After Reuniting With Veteran

The Feed


After a Veteran was hospitalised for months following a heart attach, his dogs, Bailey and Blaze had to be put up for adoption. Then, sadly, after he was released from hospital, the veteran was also not able to raise the $250 he needed to adopt the dogs back.  However a thoughtful group of PetSmart employees found out about his situation and d...

Pet Dog Lily Reacts To Cancer Test Results

The Feed


Pets are like family for so many of us, so it comes as no surprise that when they are sick it can be an emotional ride.  So of course our hearts melted when this video surfaced. Lily the golden retriever became sick with a tumor on her spleen and despite having only a 10% chance of recovery, she made it! Watch this adorable video of when the...

Why It's Important That You Know About Rudy The Dog

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Everyone, this is Rudy. Rudy, meet everyone. Rudy is a GORGEOUS puppy that has had a pretty rough life so far. The baths he has (like the one he's pictured in above) aren't just for a long hot soak, they're actually a medical necessity. At least that's what Courtney Bellew, director of the Northeast chapter of Special Needs Animal Rescue Rehab...

This Dog Struggling To Get Onto The Lawn Chair Is Too Funny!

The Feed


This big bulldog trying to get onto this lawn chair says it all. He tries and tries to get comfy, but just wait until the end - you'll thank us!

Dog And Deer Are Best Mates

The Feed


Watch this great video where a dog has found a new best friend...a deer! The two take turns chasing each other and even stop and scope each other out before tearing around once again!  

Dog Finds Hilarious Way To Follow His Owner Through Crops

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This is the cutest!  This down wants to keep track of his owner through thick grass and crops in a field... so he has to improvise.  Watch out for his head bobbing up and down and listening to his owner's instructions.  How smart!

Dog dolphin swim Glenelg

The Feed


It will be a while before you see something this good in the Patawalonga again. A dog and a dolphin have been caught on camera playing together in the Patawalonga Creek in Glenelg by a local resident.  Billie-Michelle Eastwood captured the footage and posted it to Facebook with the caption: "Must watch till the end!! Someone’s Black Labrador h...

Stray Dog So Scared During Rescue She Covers Eyes Like A Child

The Feed


Thank goodness for organisations like Hope For Paws. They fulfill our dreams of wanting to rescue animals that are seriously in need. Clarabelle, a gorgeous stray Golden Retriever was brought to the attention of Hoper For Paws, and they attempted to rescue her, as she hid beneath a stationary train. Terrified, Clarabelle is seen actually cover...

Johnny Depp Jokes Over Australian Dog Drama



Johnny Depp has poked fun at the immigration furore surrounding his dogs' recent visit to Australia, after a government official threatened to have the pets put down for violating quarantine regulations. The actor and his wife Amber Heard came under fire from authorities Down Under in May when it was discovered they had taken two Yorkshire terr...

A Stress-free Holiday With Your Dog



  Exceptional Canine: Off The Leash A Stress-free Holiday With Your Dog By the Editors of Holidaying with Dogs for Exceptional Canine Your dog is a part of your family, so it makes sense that you would want him to join you on your family vacation. Anywhere with a new, fun environment makes a great holiday destination for your dog....

This Supermarket Just Introduced DOG TROLLEYS!

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If you have a dog, you will have at some stage had to wave our dog goodbye as you dissapear into the supermarket to do your weekly shop. Well, the future is here and it could change your life. An Italian grocery store is allowing dogs to help their owners out with their shopping. After seeing how many dogs were tied up outside his shop, Gianf...

Intern Pete Eats Dog/Cat Food

Kyle & Jackie O


If you have a queasy tummy, maybe don't watch this? Intern Pete can't stomach dog and cat food...

An Abused Dog Gets Love For The First Time

The Feed


At a Dog Shelter in Romania, dog rescuer Monica Mitreanu shows love to an abused puppy for the first time. If this doesn't break you I don't know what will. From the YouTube description: The woman will approach the dog to pet her. Very fearful, the animal will start screaming and crying. But after a few long seconds, he will eventually calm...

This dog can Salsa better than it's owner!

The Feed


This is one unbelievably talented pooch!  Watch this dog complete a whole salsa routine from memory!  

Bad News: Your Dog Hates Being Hugged!

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It's the news all dog owners don't want to hear. Animal psychologists have revealed that dogs get stressed and unhappy when they are embraced by their owners because it stops them from being able to runaway. In a study, which analysed 250 pictures of dogs being hugged, it said that eight out of 10 animals looked uncomfortable. Experts at The...

Sydney newborn recovering after dog attack



A newborn girl who was bitten on the face by the family dog remains in a Sydney hospital.The seven-day-old baby was mauled by an Alaskan malamute in the early hours of Monday while her parents slept in their Campbelltown home.The distraught parents, named in media reports as Aaron and Jessica Graham, woke to the screams of their first-born, who...

Man Recreates Romantic Movie Scenes With Boss's Dog

The Feed


For the last month Chris Naka has been recreating scenes from classic romance movies with his boss’s dog, Wrigley. It all started one day when his co-workers at Blue Man Group in Chicago came up with the idea for Naka to pose with the pooch in a famous scene from Titanic. With Wrigley as Kate Winslet to his Leonardo DiCaprio, Naka decided to con...

Dad Writes Up Binding 'Dog Contract' With Kids

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Getting a family pet is a big decision.  Especially when it's the kids that are leading the campaign - but you're certain the onus will fall onto you to care for it and more importantly clean up after it! So this dad had a brilliant idea.  He drew up a 13 point 'Family Dog Contract' for each of his three children to sign detailing the type of...

Layton likens netball duel to dog fight



NSW Swifts goal-keeper Sharni Layton clearly subscribes to Mark Twain's philosophy about the size of fight in the dog being more important than the size of the dog in the fight.Queensland Firebirds' Australian conference MVP Romelda Aiken, who is shooting at an 82 per cent success rate this season, will enjoy a nine-centimetre height advantage o...

Heartbroken Dog Refuses To Leave Dead Owner's Side

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THIS is what you call a true story of love and loyalty... A grieving dog has been photographed lying next to its owner, who was run over and killed at the side of the road near his home in Chile.  The heartbroken puppy, named Doki, refused to leave the body of its master, even when the corpse was covered up with a plastic sheet.  Emergenc...

Owner Takes Dog With Cancer On Massive Road Trip

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In 2015 when Rob Kugler found out that his dog Bella had developed an incurable form of cancer that had started in her front leg and then to her lungs he was devastated. The former marine decided that Bella deserved something special in her final months and decided to drop everything and travel across the US with her. Bella's vet had given h...

Serena Williams Posts Heartbreaking Goodbye To Pet Dog



Saying goodbye to a pet is hard.  So we are commiserating with Serena Williams as she mourns her long time buddy, Jackie.  Today really is hard for me. My special friend in which I got at 17 (2 weeks before I won my very first Grand Slam) left me today. She was 16 years young and up until a few days ago was still sprinting. Her poor...

Little Boy Tries To Feed Dog, Falls In Water Bowl Instead

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All he wanted to do was feed the dog some biscuits! He really tried, but ended up losing his balance and falling bottom-first into the dog's water dish. He may be cute, but we think he lacks a little in the coordination department! H/T Mashable

Man Reduced To ''Sobbing Mess'' As His Dog Is Put Down

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A woman has shared this devastatingly heartbreaking photograph of her father weeping as his dog is being put down after being savaged by another animal on their daily walk. Tony Doll, 74, was taking his pet Maisie for a walk in West Sussex, England when the Norfolk terrier was bitten by a white dog that was off it's lead. The pet, who was dear...

VIDEO: Little Boy Has Meltdown After Stepping In Dog Poo

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We can all feel for this little boy right about now! He realised the disgusting terror that accompanies stepping in dog poo with no shoes on, and he looks like his life is literally ruined. We can't decide whether this is sad, adorable or adorably sad!

Amazing Emotional Video Shows Owner and Dog Being Reunited

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If you ever thought your dog didn't love you and wouldn't remember you if you were separated for a while. You are wrong. A dog and its owner in America have been reunited after more than two years and it instantly recognised it's owner and covered her in kisses during their heartwarming reunion. Last week the Dearborn Animal Shelter in Michig...

This Dog Takes A Trip Every Day That'll Make You Sob

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Meet Nala, a Teacup Poodle.  For the patients at Lyngblomsten nursing home, Minnesota, she is an angel.  Every day, Nala runs around the nursing home (which she knows back to front) and visits residents there. She gives them love, attention and cuddles and most importantly, somehow 'knows' when residents are on their way out...  Her owner is...

This Cat Channels Its Inner Dog When Its Owner Comes Home

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This little kitten is just so excited to see its owner, that it behaves like a dog... Notorious for their aloofness, this miniature cat throws that out the window when it sees its owner, jumping up and down. Imgur user DatSun280zxt shared this video of their cat responding to them coming home. Who ever said cats don't love anything? View p...

Patricia Arquette Earned Less Than Her Dog Walker For Boyhood



It may be the role that won Patricia Arquette a Golden Globe, but her latest flick Boyhood wasn't the big paycheck you'd expect. Talking to WENN after her big win for Best Supporting Actress, she revealed that during the 12 years it took to film the movie, she paid more to her babysitter and dog walker. "It's important to me as an actor to be...

Dog Left In QLD Car On Scorching Hot Day Dies



A dog has died after allegedly being left in a scorching car by a man who attended a far north Queensland court. Two dogs, a male and female, were found distressed by members of the public as temperatures soared into the mid-30s in Cairns on Wednesday. Police say their rescue efforts were hampered when one of the dogs acted aggressively. Chan...