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Tempers Flare As 'Married At First Sight' Couples Honeymoon



It can be testing for the best couple in the world to go on a honeymoon together but what about when you have just got married at the same time as meeting each other? Well, on last nights ''Married At First Sight'' we got to find out exactly what happens when that happens and it got a little bit, lets say, heated. Jono and Clare were sent to t...

Married At First Sight Husband Has ALREADY Cheated!



It appears we may have our first Married At First Sight break-up on your hands. Clare and Jono walked down the aisle on last Monday's episode but it appears not everything is great in paradise. Jono is said to have devastated Clare after discovering that her husband had another girlfriend, just days after she walked down the aisle. After hidi...

The Intense Confrontation That Lead To TWO Married At First Sight Couples QUITTING



On this evening Married At First Sight the texting scandal took a turn.With Jonathan and Scarlett texting each other throughout the evening following the awkward dinner party, it leads to a confrontation like nothing we have ever seen before.Scarlett said that she thought her and Jonathan were ‘better matched’ in the process than she and Michael...

'Married At First Sight' Baby Sends Fans Into Meltdown

Celebrity Gossip


Since Nine's popular (and somewhat controversial) show, Married At First Sight aired on our screens, the internet has been abuzz with news of fights, break-ups and even baby bumps! Zoe and Alex, who got hitched on the show more than a year ago have been at the centre of baby rumours, with fans convinced that the pair are expecting a baby. Thes...

Congrats To Married At First Sight Couple Alex And Zoe's Next Big Step!

The Feed


Married at First Sight's most successful and loved couple, Alex and Zoe have successfull sold their house!  Zoe posted the above photo on her instagram (@zoehendrix) hashtagging #amazingmemories, #timeforabigfamilyhome.  How exciting!!  We are so happy for them.  Sold!! #amazingmemories #marriedatfirstsight #timeforabigfamilyhome @...

Could There Be A Married At First Sight Baby On The Way?



Despite their unconventional start to married life, could a Married At First Sight couple be expecting a bundle of joy? The news came out earlier this week that 25-year-old Zoe and Alex, 29, who walked down the aisle in the show's third episode, could be pregnant. Zoe could barely look at her hubby-to-be during the ceremony but it seems their...

Two DUMPED Married At First Sight Contestants Are To Return TONIGHT And They Are TOGETHER!



She may have dumped Jonathan during last night’s dramatic commitment ceremony, but love may still be on the cards of Cheryl, as she is back on the show according to Monday’s trailer.The bride looks set to ‘drop a bombshell’ that is a Married At First Sight first, with many fans believing she has expressed an interest in jilted groom and stripper...

Married At First Sight's Clare Wanted To Kick Jono



Married At First Sight `bride' Clare Verrall is more offended by being called "woman" than hearing she is not what Jono had "ordered" on the reality TV show. The tradie sent keyboard warriors into overdrive when, after he saw Verrall walk down the aisle, he said in a cutaway interview that "she is not what I ordered". Verrall heard the comment...

This Married At First Sight Couple Could Be About To SPLIT For The Most Awkward Reason



If there is one thing Nick must hate on Married At First Sight, it must be the dinner parties. In the first one, we saw his wife Sharon getting upset because he drank too much. And then last night, he fared no better, after Sharon attacked him for visiting strip clubs while he was single.'I'm confused... I'm just trying to figure out what kind o...

It's All Over For Married At First Sight's Jono And Clare!



One of the four couples on Married at First Sight looks to have imploded in front of our eyes. Clare Verrall and Jono Pitman, who met at the alter and got married on the reality TV show. called it quits on their experimental marriage after struggling to resolve their disagreements. It never got off to the best start for the couple after Jono s...

Married At First Sight Husband Threatens To Kill Spouse



In the US version of Married at First Sight, one couple didn't last the distance when her spouse allegedly threatened to kill her. Jessica Castro just got a restraining order against the husband she met on the reality show, Ryan De Nino. According to TMZ, she claimed he was "threatening and menacing", but when he told her "I plan on killing...

Married At First Sight's Clare Rants At Show's Editing



Married At First Sight bride Clare Verrall has been jilted by the editing of the reality show. Verrall took to social media this week to vent her frustration at the editing and thanked her family, friends and her dog Dutchy for their support. Verrall, 32, "married" hot head Jono Pittman, 28, on the Nine Network series and they have regularly b...

INCREDIBLE News For Married At First Sight Couple!



When Zoe and Alex first walked down the aisle towards each other, I, like many others thought they’d never make it to the end of the week as a couple. She looked surly and cold, he looked nervous as hell, and the whole concept of what they were doing - marrying someone they had never met before - had never been so blatant. So, after suffering...

Married At First Sight: Jono's Bad Temper Gives Clare Attack Flashbacks



Married At First Sight groom Jono Pittman has such a "bad temper" it reminds his bride of being viciously attacked on a Melbourne street. Clare Verrall was assaulted while walking her dog in Prahran last year. She suffered a a broken nose, a broken toe and a black eye in the attack. So when Pittman's short fuse was lit during their honeymoon t...

Married At First Sight's Scarlett And Jonathan Have OPENED UP About THAT Texting Scandal! (4)



It’s the story that has got everyone talking about on this year Married At First Sight, but finally, we are getting some answers.Scarlett and Jonathan have revealed exactly what happened at the dinner party that led them to exchange numbers.Scarlett revealed that ‘’At the dinner party, I noticed that Jonathan was crying," speaking to TheFix. "An...

Former Married At First Sight Bride Scarlett Has Had To Call The Police While Filming



Married At First Sight bride has filed a police complaint after she allegedly was assaulted and held on set against her will by a producer.The bride was filming a reunion episode on January 30, when she declared she was chased through the Sydney streets ar 3AM after being prevented from leaving the film set.Apparently, the 20 minute chase ended...

Married At First Sight To Invite Same-Sex Couples In Season Two



When news of Married At First Sight first broke, Australians were outraged at the idea that a show where two people first met on their wedding day could exist. The biggest outrage was due to the fact that same-sex couples were not yet able to marry in Australia, but strangers were encouraged to do so. Though the outrage slowly delcined as the...

Married At First Sight's Erin Has The Strangest Phobia Yet



Married At First Sight bride Erin has a wild enough imagination to write horror stories after saying she thinks moths are "dumb enough to chase me". The 26-year-old is seriously troubled by the sight of a moth and pleaded with her reality show husband to never bring one home. "I have a terrible moth phobia. It's a legit phobia. I would sooner...

Married At First Sight Couple Zoe And Alex's Devastating Miscarriage



On last night's A Current Affair catch-up with the couples from Married At First Sight, Zoe and Alex revealed the horrible news that they had miscarried. They have been dating for over a year now, and were expecting their first child together before miscarrying in the first trimester. When they found out, Alex told ACA: "It was the best news I...

Married At First Sight Star Clare’s Creepy Messages



Married at First Sight's Clare has been on ther receiving end of some very graphic photos and has hit back in a short Instagram video. She asked in the video, very politely, for men to not send her dick pics. “Appreciate the support & all, but, ah, this is awkward… Dudes can you NOT send me d**k pics?? I mean I’m sure you are very proud of you...

What Men REALLY Thought While Watching Married At First Sight

The Feed


Married At First Sight is back!If you are not familiar with the popular Channel 9 show, basically, it's people getting married at the first moment they meet it each other. They then have to honeymoon and live together. It sounds fun but really nerve-wracking. Last year, only one of the four couples stayed together, so it's not bad a success rat...

The Married At First Sight Couple Who Didn’t Last



The Married At First Sight finale is here! It aired last night on Channel 9 and revealed which couples have stayed together and which have split. They were given the opportunity to live without cameras for two months and then reassess their relationship, and ultimately whether they wanted to stay "married". The episode aired 12 months after t...

Regret At First Sight: Man Show’s EPIC Disappointment With His Bride



Can you imagine walking down the aisle and seeing your potential groom mutter “Ah, shit,” he says.” under his breath - and not in a good way?! Well that’s what happened to one woman last night on controversial show, ‘Married at First Sight’. Jono, who said his ideal woman would be small and brunette, met Clare, who’s blonde and about six foot,...

Married At First Sight a win with viewers

The Feed


Married At First Sight was a hit for the Nine Network with more than one million viewers tuning in to watch two total strangers get hitched. The new reality program was the most popular non-news program on Monday night with 1.134 million viewers, narrowly beating Network Ten's MasterChef (1.129 million). The top spot of the night, however, wen...

Married At First Sight Contestant Finds Love and Remarries



Can the couples who say “I do” on Married At First Sight go the distance? It seems they can - but maybe just not with each other. Reports have come in that contestant Michelle has found her fairytale ending and is now “happily married to the love of [her] life”, according to Mamamia. Michelle was matched with James on the show, but it ultimat...

Married At First Sight Couple Expecting Baby?



Despite their lack of chemistry upon first meeting before their marriage on national television, Married At First Sight lovers Clare and Lachlan are reportedly expecting their first child together. A show insider told New Idea that producers are trying to keep the pregnancy a secret until the show finishes airing. "The whole point of the show...

Bride Has Panic Attack on Controversial Show Married At First Sight



A bride who met her groom for the first time as she walked towards him on their wedding day has claimed she had a panic attack when she laid eyes on him. Clare Tamas was a contestant on the Nine Network’s controversial new show, Married At First Sight, and claimed she had no chemistry with cattle farmer Lachlan when they met and wed. “You kind...

Bride Refuses to Look at Groom During Married At First Sight Wedding



A bride on Married At First Sight refused to look at her groom during their commitment ceremony. Zoe, 25, and Alex, 29, tied the knot within seconds of meeting on the new Channel Nine show - and Alex has told of how his bride would barely look at him. “I noticed she didn’t really look at me,” he said. “Her eyes were sort of bouncing all aroun...

Nadia Tells Husband Anthony Back Off

The Feed


Tonight was another explosive episode of Married At First Sight, with Andrew and Cheryl uniting for the first time after their failed romances, and meeting the group as a couple. Andrew though, did not realise Cheryl's true age, thinking she was late 20's, her answer of 25 giving him a shock. Andrew is 38. With that in mind, the newly formed c...

Did Adele Just Get Married?



Adele has sparked rumours she has secretly got married with her long-term partner Simon Konecki. The Hello singer appears to have got some new jewellery on her wedding finger, which has sent fan into raptures of excitement as they speculate whether she has gone down the aisle. Adele showed off her two sparkling rings as she kicked off her firs...

Is This The TV Show That Will Take It Too Far?

The Feed


It's going to make Married At First Sight look like something you would show your kids to learn about marriage. SBS has taken it to the ultimate next level with their new show ''Undressed''. It is billed as an ''experimental'' new show where strangers will immediately get undressed and be forced into ''instant intimacy''. SBS say ''hopeful si...

The Married Celebrity Using Tinder!



When you think of Tinder, you think of single people around the world looking for a date who have a group of like-minded people to connect to. What you don't think of, is a celebrity using Tinder to meet people - with the exception of Hilary Duff. Now, Married pop star Lily Allen is using the matchmaking site Tinder in an effort to "meet peopl...

MAFS's Jonathon and Scarlett's Steamy Text Messages REVEALED



It was the scandal that rocked Married At First Sight last night. Two marriages in tatters after two contestants were caught cheating. It's as if you'd think they didn't even know each other... oh, wait...  It was revealed Jonathon, aka the up himself entrepreneur, who's hung up because Cheryl admitted she didn't find him hot, and Scarlett, who...

EXCLUSIVE: Ricki-Lee Just Got MARRIED In Paris!



We love a dose of good news around here, and none would make us happier than hearing that Australia's sweetheart Ricki-Lee has married the man of her dreams. After becoming engaged in January 2013, Ricki-Lee Coulter and fiance Richard Harrison took their time setting a date, no doubt enjoying being engaged and not wanting to rush in, after Rick...

Brangelina Married!

Celebrity Gossip


How did they sweep this under the rug?! Power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie somehow managed to keep their wedding a secret from the world as they tied the knot in Chateau Miraval in France last weekend. They said "I do" in a small chapel in a private ceremony with their kids, some family and a few friends. Apparently Ange's dress was v...

The Age You Should Get Married If You Want To Avoid Divorce

Health & Beauty


We all know that getting married too young is a bit of a risk factor when it comes to your marriage going the distance, but did you know that there's actually a perfect time frame to look at? What you may not know is people who leave it later to get married also run a pretty high risk of it not working out. An analysis conducted by University...

Bachelor Frontrunner Megan Marx Was Married At 18-Years-Old



If you’ve caught the first two episodes of the new season of The Bachelor, no doubt you’ll know Megan Marx. She’s taken Bachelor Richie’s fancy on the show and since then has been the subject of rumours that she had escaped from a ‘cult’, and it turns out the rumours have come from the fact that Megan was actually married when she was just 18....

These Tweets Sum Up What Married Life Is Really Like

The Feed


No one said married life was easy. We've compiled a series of hilarious and bizarre tweets that show what married life is really like... Some are cute, some are bizarre, some are gross, but all of them are funny and pretty accurate! #MarriedPeopleIssues Working hard to get fit and your spouse is an enabler armed with ice cream and pizza. —...

Scientists Say THIS Is the PERFECT Age To Get Married!

The Feed


A new study has revealed that the ideal age to get married if you don't want to get divorced, is between 28 and 32. Bare in mind, this is not the perfect age. It does not mean that if you get married young your marriage is not doomed nor does it mean that anyone above that age is not going to get married. It does show that anyone who got marri...

Eligible Bachelor Lachlan Joins Cast of "Farmer Wants A Wife"!



Married at First Sight’s Lachlan McAleer was unlucky at finding love on the show after announcing that he was no longer with his "wife" Clare. “Unfortunately that didn’t work out, but I’m still looking for love — and I’m happy to announce that I will now be joining Farmer Wants A Wife. So for any ladies that are out there, single, looking for l...

MAFS's Xavier Rumoured To Have Lied About Being Cheated On



Our favourite TV guilty pleasure, Married at First Sight, is not without drama. But a source dropped a bombshell about beloved couple Simone and Xavier, or rather about Xavier's past. A friend of the reality TV star told New Idea that he lied about being cheated on to "gain sympathy" and "fame". The 26-year-old former football player told his...

Newlyweds Own Dancefloor With This First Dance

The Feed


This couple have ditched the traditional first dance in favour for something a little more modern... Hollie and Dave Smith from Leicester, UK got married in Spain and instead of subjecting their guests to the same soppy first dance, they treated them to an amazing dance sequence! The bridal party got involved too - with both the guys and the g...

Elizabeth Dishes On What Sam Was REALLY Like When The Cameras Weren’t Rolling

Kyle & Jackie O


Elizabeth left MAFS last night and we had to get her into the studio to get her take on what really happened when the cameras had stopped rolling. Kyle asked Elizabeth whether she had any idea that her husband Sam had been cheating on her. "There was bad vibes about him at the start" Elizabeth said. "He was acting a certain way to me off came...

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux MARRIED?!



Rumours are swirling that Jennifer Aniston has secretly married fiance Justin Theroux in a private ceremony. According to Life & Style Magazine, the pair - who have been engaged for three years - have tied the knot. Jen and Justin apparently came to terms about a $170 million pre-nup agreement, and got married in the backyard of their $21 mill...

Man finds First Class is "Disgusting"

The Feed


A man takes us on a tour of British Airways First Class, which in his opinion is "absolutely filthy".  As he guides us past the tiny marks and the stains on the floor, is isn't until we arrive at his seat that his "real horror begins"...  Is it just us or is he being a little over dramatic?  This is a First Class seat with British Airways....

Former US First Lady Nancy Reagan Dies



Nancy Reagan, one of the most influential first ladies in US history, has died at the age of 94. The former actor was fiercely protective of her husband Ronald Reagan through a Hollywood career, eight years in the White House, an assassination attempt and his Alzheimer's disease. She died on Sunday of congestive heart failure, the Reagan libra...

The Cringeworthy Moment MAFS Dean Confesses To Cheating In Front Of Tracey's Family And Friends



Dean seems to like his brunettes...  Tracey, Davina, Tracey again.  But what happens when he is forced to admit to his indiscretions on camera in front of Tracey's nearest and dearest?  It's cringey to say the least.  It began with an intense interrogation as Tracey sat there and smiled.  Dean nervously explained how he almost left his ne...

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth MARRIED In Secret Beach Wedding

Celebrity Gossip


New reports are circulating suggesting 23-year-old Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, 26 got MARRIED in a "secret sunset wedding ceremony over the winter holidays".  The report, in Life and Style Magazine, says the couple "have told close friends that they're already married. It was a spur-of-the-moment. Now they both refer to each other as 'my wi...

Corey Worthington Is All Grown Up And Married!



He’s now 24-years-old but he shot to fame when he was just 16, for throwing that over the top party - and getting some serious attention from the media. He threw the “best street party ever”, inviting hundreds over social media and had no regret when he was reprimanded for it. In fact he stood there on TV with his bleached blonde hair, yello...

"I flew first class around the world for $300"

The Feed


26-year-old blogger Sam Huang has taken advantage of credit cards and loopholes in airline policies to score a dream round the world flight at the cost of a flight from Sydney to Melbourne.  Huang paid a mere $300 for a flight that would normally cost about $60,000.  The 21,136 mile trip was documented on his TopMiles site and took him to seve...

Brace Yourselves... Ed Sheeran Is Getting 'Married'!



Images: Facebook, Getty Images As if we needed any more reasons to fall in love with Ed Sheeran... The singer recently accepted a proposal to 'marry' teenage superfan Katie Papworth backstage at one of his Glasgow concerts this week. Katie is suffering from an aggressive form of cancer with saw her lose her sight a fortnight ago, the Mirror re...

The One UNEXPECTED Thing That Natalie Bassingthwaighte Is Scared Of In The Jungle



There’s a lot of things to be worried about in the African jungle…But none of them matters more than one thing for Natalie Bassingthwaighte.The 41-year-old has told the Daily Telegraph, which she is ‘terrified’ about the Australian public seeing her without her fake tan and make-up.'I am nervous about people seeing me with no makeup and no hair...

This MAFS Star Is Looking For Their Sibling

The Feed


We ALL love a good long lost sibling story, and this one happens to be about a recent reality TV Star! Just days ago, MAFS star Nick Furphy took to Instagram to try and locate a potential long lost sibling. The post reads to his 59.3K followers, “Reaching out to Lesley Gould. Dad told me there is a chance I have an older brother or sister” “H...

See Inside The ULTIMATE First Class Flight And Die A Little Inside…

The Feed


We're very sorry if you've just booked a 14 hour economy class ticket, because these pictures will kill you.  Introducing the most lush First Class carrier EVER.  Seymourpowell's 'First Spaces' suites are everything you've dreamed of and more...  There are four single suites or two double suites to choose from and they are basically so lu...

The PERFECT Age to Get Married Revealed!

The Feed


A new study has revealed that the best time to get married is between the age of 28 and 32! The study, done by Nick Wolfinger, a sociologist at the University of Utah, suggests that age is the best if you want to avoid getting divorced, at least in the first five years.  The findings also suggest that those who get married in that age bracket...

Heart's Ann Wilson Gets Married



Ann Wilson followed her heart and got married over the weekend. The Heart member tied the knot with Dean Wetter in front of close friends and family in her manager's backyard in Topanga, California, on Saturday, the newlyweds tell People magazine. Heart's official Twitter feed confirmed, "A harmonious melody of devotion was felt on 25/4 as #An...

The Celeb You Never Thought Would Get Married AGAIN.. Is Getting Married!

The Feed


According to reports, former wild-man Russell Brand is engaged to his long-term girlfriend Laura Gallacher. The controversial comedian threw a party at his Oxfordshire home to break the news to family and friends, The UK's Sun says. It comes just a month after it was claimed that Gallacher is expecting her first child with Brand. The comedian...

Married With Children Spin Off In Works



Could it be?  The Bundys could be heading back to our TV screens with the one and only David Faustino (Bud Bundy) revealing a reunion is in process of approval.  Speaking at his on screen sister Christina Applegate's movie premiere for Vacation, he confirmed the news.  "Sony has it. They're excited about it," Faustino told E Online.  "They'r...

Tennis Ace Andy Murray Is A First-Time Father



Tennis star Andy Murray and his wife Kim Sears are new parents, according to a U.K. report. The Scottish sportsman, who is ranked world number two, and Sears welcomed a girl on Sunday night, according to BBC.co.uk. The former Wimbledon champion married his longtime partner in his hometown of Dunblane, Scotland in April, 2015 and reports of the...

This Kindergartener Documented Her First Day Of School

The Feed


Were you ever worried about your little one heading off to school? Worry no more! A little girl from the US, named Adrianna, had her first day of Kindergarten documented by a GoPro strapped to her chest. The six-year-old's dad, Derek Duncan, is a digital communications specialist and wanted to do something to ease worrying parents. Adrianna's...

This Chubby Dog Flew First Class On American Airlines

The Feed


A photo of a very large dog being carted onto a plane in Los Angeles has gone viral thanks to a Twitter user. The dog's name is Hank, and he flew first class with his owner Kari Whitman, an interior designer. Hank is her support animal and due to an illness he can only move with the aid of the cart - which also explains his weight. holy shi...

Kim Kardashian Shares First Shot Of Saint West!

Mix 102.3


Kim Kardashian has finally showed the world what her new son Saint West looks like! She shared the image on her official website to mark her late father, Robert Kardashian's birthday. The image was followed with the message ''Today is my dad's birthday. I know there's nothing more in the world he would have wanted than to meet his grandchildre...

The Four Women Who Will Meet ‘The Men Of Their Dreams’ On Their Wedding Day

Celebrity Gossip


It's the show that's making headlines not only in Australia, but overseas too - so who are the four single ladies who will be taking part in the new reality show, 'Married At First Sight?' According to a report on the Daily Mail, these four soon-to-be-brides believe that the Channel Nine show may be their last chance to find love. They will be...

Mariah Carey's Dogs Fly First Class -- Without Her!



Mariah Carey spares no expense when it comes to her pooches' travel plans -- they fly first class. Mimi just treated her purse-size pups Cha Cha and Jill E. Beans to pricey tickets from Aspen, Colorado to Los Angeles, where they're set to move into their new home with their new stepdad, James Packer. A source tells the New York Post, “Mariah’s...

Asher Keddie & Vincent Fantauzzo Welcome First Child Together



Asher Keddie has given birth to her first child. The 40-year-old actress and her artist husband Vincent Fantauzzo, 38, welcomed their first child together this morning, according to various reports, but are yet to reveal whether the baby is a boy or a girl. News.com.au broke the news in November that the Offspring star was pregnant when she re...

Alice Cooper Paid for His Snakes to Travel in First Class



Alice Cooper used to pay for his snake to travel in first class. The rocker likes to treat his three-year-old boa constrictor Christopher like a child and can't bear the thought of him being cooped up in a cage under the plane so, instead, pays out to secure him a seat of his own right next to him. He said: "We're both great on the road - we l...

Amy Schumer’s Heartbreaking Recount Of Her 'First Time'



When you think of Amy Schumer, no doubt you think of the funny woman that’s graced our televisions for a few years now, using her dry, stoic sense of humour to make us laugh uncontrollably. However, during an interview with Marie Claire magazine, Schumer opened up about an issue that she had kept close to her chest for many years; the horror of...

First Wives Club Is Being Made Into A TV Show



We're not sure what to make of this.  The First Wives Club is being made into a TV Show... And while we completely cannot see anyone other than Diane Keaton, Bette Midler and Goldie Hawn in the roles of the three divorcees, we actually love the two actresses cast so far. How I Met Your Mother's Alyson Hannigan and Smash's Megan Hilty have rep...

First Things First... This Is Terrible!

Celebrity Gossip


You have to agree that Iggy Azalea's first furore into the music industry was... how do we put it?  You'll just have to watch for yourself. Take a look at the official clip for 'Nothing Like Me...' Enjoy!

A Flowergirl And Ringbearer At Wedding Married 17 Years On

The Feed


They first met in a church where they were to be flowergirl and ringbearer at a wedding. When Adrian first found out, when he was a five-year-old, he was gutted. "I was devastated. I was like 'tell me I don't have to walk down the aisle with her!'" he told WBTV. But while Adrian wasn't interested, Brooke had already formed a little crush on h...

PHOTO: The Moment Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris First Met

Celebrity Gossip


Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are our favourite music "it" couple right now, and the moment they first met has been captured and posted one year later! Ellie Goulding introduced the pair backstage at the 2015 Elle Style Awards, and Sam Smith also appears in the photo. #tbt Last February's #ellestyleawards when I snapped @elliegouldi...

Ronan Keating has married girlfriend Storm Uechtritz



Photo: Getty ImagesRonan Keating has married girlfriend Storm Uechtritz in Scotland.The Boyzone star wed the Australian model in a glamorous ceremony at the luxury Archerfield House estate in East Lothian on Monday (17.08.15).Guests included his bandmates Shane Lynch and Keith Duffy, as well as Brian McFadden and Dannii Minogue.The happy couple...

Our Favourite Pitch Perfect Actors Are Getting Married

Celebrity Gossip


Yes, it's true! A couple from Pitch Perfect are getting married, and it's none other than Skylar Astin, 28, and Anna Camp, 33. They celebrated their engagement over Instagram. I asked. She said yes!!! ❤️💖❤️💖 A photo posted by @skylarastin on Jan 2, 2016 at 4:39pm PST They first met on the set of Pitch Perfect and in an inter...

First Teaser For Sam Smith's Music Video To Bond Theme

Music News


After the unveiling last week - see what you think of this tease for the video to the Spectre theme song. Sam Smith's new James Bond theme song has finally arrived... and it's gone down a treat with fans of both the star & the 007 movies after our first play. Plus... the UK star has unveiled a short teaser for the track's music video We had ou...

First Picture Of Johnny Depp In 'Pirates Of The Caribbean 5' Revealed



Producer Jerry Bruckheimer has shared the first picture of Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates Of The Caribbean 5. "Captain Jack is back and we're not letting him go," Bruckheimer wrote on Twitter as he tweeted a picture of the scheming seafarer bound in ropes. Depp started shooting the sequel, which has been titled Pirates Of The Ca...

First Lady Michelle Obama Joins James Corden For Carpool Karaoke



Think politics is boring? You haven’t taken notice of Michelle Obama then! The First Lady has joined James Corden in the latest Carpool Karaoke and it’s anything but boring. So what songs do you sing with the President’s wife? Well Beyonce’s Single Ladies is always a good start. Then there’s Stevie Wonder’s Signed, Sealed, Delivered. But per...

Best Worst Married Names Ever

The Feed


After Joel Burger married Ashley King recently and had the ceremony catered by Burger King we thought we'd look up some more examples of wedding announcements that bring together some unintentionally hilarious surnames together! Images via thechive 

The Heartbreaking Moment Nadia Broke Down During MAFS



Viewers were shocked and a little relived last night when Nadia revealed she and Anthony had split since they vowed to stay together at the commitment ceremony.  Four months on since beginning the experiment to couples met for part two of the reunion. Nadia was initially too distressed to speak about what had happened, sparking tears from her f...

Blind Man Sees for the First Time in 20 Years

The Feed


Mark Cornell lost his sight 20 years ago after serving in the US air force for 18 years.  Watch this emotional moment as he finally gets to see his friends and family for the first time. 

If The Little Mermaid Were To Get Married...

Health & Beauty


Photos: Mathieu Photo & Mark Brooke Photography For all those people who love a happy ending... and more specifically a fairytale wedding, this is for you. In what has to be one of the most Pinterest-worthy wedding shoots you'll ever see, online wedding marketplace Your Cloud Parade have imagined what it would look like if The Little Mermaid w...

Gaga Wants To Get Married, Where?!

Celebrity Gossip


Photo: Getty Images Lady Gaga is planning to get married in space. The 28-year-old singer wants to have a commitment ceremony with Taylor Kinney, 33, outside of the Earth's atmosphere at the beginning of next year while onboard Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic flight. A source told the Daily Star newspaper: "Gaga and Taylor want to make...

Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher MARRIED! See her ring!

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Lovebirds Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis seem to have tied the knot in secret. The happy couple, who starred together on That 70s Show, managed to keep it under wraps from everyone - but the secret was revealed when Mila appeared on the debut episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden. During the interview, the actress was asked if she’d g...

Meet The Mad Max Stunt Doubles Who Fell In Love On Set And Married!

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New Zealander stunt Doubles Dayna and Dane Grant met on set filming Mad Max: Fury Road in the Namibian Desert in 2012.  Dayna was Charlize Theron's double and Dane was Tom Hardy's and while acting together, fell in love! The couple are now married and have a 14 month old son.  Speaking to Stuff NZ about how the relationship blossomed, Dane sa...

After 30 Years Together This Celeb Couple Is Getting Married!



After 30 years together, Goldie Hawn is set to wed her long time partner Kurt Russell! Set to tie the knot early in the new year, The Express newspaper delivered the news first. The pair met in 1983 on set and have been together ever since. The announcement also coincides with Goldie's 70th birthday over the weekend.  Daughter Kate Hudson...

Cody Walker Gets Married and Pays Tribute to Late Brother Paul



Hooray! Paul Walker's brother Cody has married his fiance Felicia Knox on Saturday. Though everyone was celebrating, there's no doubt one very important person was missing; older brother Paul. I can't hold back. Have to share :) #walkerdowntheaisle A photo posted by Felicia Knox (@feliciamknox) on Aug 16, 2015 at 1:34pm PDT P...

This Celebrity Couple Just Got Married And Their Bridesmaid PULLED OUT!

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This is awesome news! Russell Wilson and Ciara are now officially married! The singer and her American Football star husband have tied the knot at Peckforton Castle in Liverpool, England in front of a small contingent of family and friends. Ciara stunned guests in a Roberto Cavalli dress and huge celebrities including Jennifer Hudson and Kelly R...

Did Michelle Bridges And The Commando Just Get Married?



Michelle Bridges has shared her great sense of humour, responding to rumours she secretly married The Commando while on holidays. Taking to Instagram, the mum-to-be had some fun providing photos from their ‘secret wedding’. Writing about the snaps, Michelle told fans: “So here are our "wedding" photos! I have 'no idea' why our themed wedding...

BREAKING: Michael And Kyly Clarke Expecting Their First Child!



Michael and Kyly Clarke have announced that they are expecting over Instagram this morning! The Cricket star and his model and TV personality wife have been married since 2012. Michael, 33, wrote on his Instagram: "[we] are extremely ecstatic to announce that we are expecting our first child." Kyly, also 33, wrote "can't wait to meet baby Cla...

Jim Carrey's Ex Was Married At Time Of Death



Jim Carrey's ex-girlfriend, Cathriona White - who died in a suspected suicide - was reportedly married at the time of her passing. Despite news that she and Jim broke up only five days before her death, and that her suicide note mentioned the actor, the L.A. County Medical Examiner's office has confirmed White was married. 'She had a husband, w...

John Lennon's First Wife Cynthia Passes Away



Cynthia Lennon, the first wife of former Beatles guitarist John Lennon, has died of cancer at her home in Spain. The news was announced on Wednesday on the website and Twitter account of her son, Julian Lennon, and was confirmed by his representative. The 75-year-old died at her home in Mallorca "following a short but brave battle with cancer,...

Russell Brand Is Set To Become A Father For The First Time!



Russell Brand is ''absolutely made up'' at the prospect of becoming a father for the first time, according to reports. Brand, 40, is said to be expecting a child with girlfriend Laura Gallacher, 27, who is five months pregnant. The Sun says ''Russell might have bedded many of the world's most stunning women but now it's all about Laura and bec...

Djokovic Talks awkward first date with now wife!



Novak Djokovic has revealed how he survived a real-life break point to forge one of the great love matches in tennis. The world No.1 admits he got his game plan all wrong for his first date 10 years ago with now-wife Jelena, who was left underwhelmed by Djokovic's choice of a Monte Carlo sports bar. But that was just the start of his romantic...

Did Bob Geldof Just Get Married?



Rocker Bob Geldof has reportedly married his long term partner Jeanne Marine in a romantic ceremony in the South of France. The Irish rocker is said to have tied the knot with the French actress in the Rayol-Canadel-sur-Mer province. Geldof's daughter Fifi appeared to confirm the nuptials on Instagram when she posted a photograph with her fian...

Kid's First Experiences

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Some of the bigger moments, as well as some of the more random, that a child experiences for the first time are captured in this gallery that covers over 60 years of history and first time wonder.

'Just Married' Car Starts Wild Police Chase

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It sounds like this guy's wedding day wasn't the happiest of his life.  A man driving an SUV with 'Just Married' scrawled across the back was arrested in Tennessee after taking the police on a wild pursuit. Swerving through traffic, trying to force the police onto offramps, crashing into barriers and general bad driving were all on display, wi...

First Pic Of Brad & Tallena’s Wedding!



Brad and Tallena were one of the couples on controversial show Seven Year Switch that caused the most controversy. First there was the matching tattoo incident, which saw Tallena in big trouble with Brad. Then there was the fact that social media turned on Brad, calling him controlling and urging Tallena to leave him. But Tallena didn’t do th...

The First Time Is Always The Best

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From an elephants first time on a beach to a child dressing itself, these moments some big some small, are perfectly captured for the very first time. Images via thechive 

Kids First Time

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Experiencing something for the first time is always a real eye-opener, especially if you are a kid. Things that as grown ups that we take for granted through the eyes of a child can appear mind-blowing! From meeting your first ever dog to watching TV, the first time is always filled with awe and wonder.

Animals First Time

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If you thought seeing photos of children seeing and experiencing things for the very first time was cute, wait until you see these animals. From birds flying for the first time to slightly less natural events as dogs going down slippery dips for the first time, these pictures are priceless.

Michelle Bridges & ‘Commando’ Expecting First Child!



Michelle Bridges and Steve "Commando" Willis are expecting their first child together, confirmed on Michelle's Instagram page! A photo posted by Michelle Bridges (@mishbridges) on Jul 15, 2015 at 12:57pm PDT They have been together on-and-off for two years, since they controversially got together on the set of The Biggest L...