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Aussie Youngster Making A Mint Importing Fidget Spinners

Today on the show, Monty told Yumi about one of her family friends kids who sell fidgets spinners to make money.

“Yumi, some family friends of ours has got young boys in primary school, three boys and the're gorgeous.....they get online and buy fidget spinners from china!”

“And they go to school and they sell the fidget spinners at school, and they are making a BUCKETLOAD”

Isn’t that great, Monty continued….“I love a kid hustler!”

Did you have any scams when you were older to try make money?

Yumi responded “ I probably sold homework a few times”

“I’d just rattled off an essay at recess and yeah!”

But she later admitted she didn’t make much money, because it was pretty boring work..

Did you have any nifty money making schemes as a kid? Or do your kids?!

We’d love to hear about them!

Stock image: 123rf

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