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Bec Judd's Five-Year-Old Son Finds A Sneaky Way To Swear

Hearing your kids swear for the first time is a right of passage for pretty much every parent, but it took Bec Judd a couple of days to realise that her son Oscar had found a sneaky way of doing it.

"Oscar's written this rap song up about me called 'Heck Mum', and it kind of goes something along the lines of 'Put your hands up to the ceiling if you got that feeling, heck Mum, heck Mum, heck Mum', on repeat," the mum-of-four explained on Monday's show.

At first, Bec says, she thought it was a cute little song, and didn't think much of it - until five-year-old Oscar used the word in an entirely different situation.

"On the weekend I was getting ready to go out and I walked out and had the full shebang, like spray tan, pretty dress, got my hair done, make-up done, eyelashes, looking amazing," Bec explained, trying not to laugh.

"I walk out, [Oscar] looks at me and goes 'Oh! Wow Mum! You look heckin' beautiful!'

"And then it clicked: He is substituting the f-word with heck! So he's written a song called 'F- Mum!'"

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When a horrified Bec asked if Oscar was saying heck instead of f*ck, she realised he had actually been using it regularly.

"He went yeah! He said he wasn't sure if he'd said it at school, and I said it was [probably] best he didn't."

It sounds like Oscar's not the only one, though; Monty pointed out that her little one says "What the heck!" too, and that it's probably OK.

"Where do you stop?" she added.

What do you think? Is it alright for kids to be saying heck?

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