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The Moment Megan Gale's Childbirth Plan Went Out The Window

Childbirth is unpredictatble.

No matter how healthy mum and bub are, anything can happen. It's especially scary when it's your first baby. 

Megan Gale opened up to Monty recently about her pregnancy with River and yeah, that meticulously planned 10 point childbirth plan that she thought would be a breeze, not the case. 

"I loved my pregnancy with River, it was incredible and giving birth. Wow. What an experience. Next level," Megan said. 

"I tried to do... different techniques to push through the pain – movement, the breathing, visualisation… it just [went] out the window.

"I had an in-coordinate birth… no one told me about that… I was told you’ll have contractions, they might start about 20 minutes apart, they will get closer together, when they hit five minutes go to the hospital."

Here at the 3pm Pick UP we know a lot about childbirth and labour, but even Monty had never heard of an in-coordinate birth.

Megan's contractions were a very different story to the norm... 

"Mine started five minutes apart, so I was like, 'sh*t should I be in the hospital? What is going on?' But I had no show and no waters breaking so I chugged on at home for awhile," she said. 

"They kept going 9 minutes apart, two minutes apart, 7 minutes apart.

"I stayed at home for about five hours and then I said to Shaun I really want to go to the hospital, I’m feeling uncomfortable here."

"By the time I got to hospital I really felt like [I was almost in active labour] it was an unmistakeable level of pain," she said. 

"By the time the [obstetrician] came and inspected me I had been going about six hours and he just said ‘oh you’re just half a centimetre’!"

Even watching the model and TV host's reaction to that news now, you can see the shock and frustration.

"I had a birth plan printed out, I wanted skin on skin for an hour, delayed cord clamping, ten copies printed out – I think one made it to someone," she continued.

"I had a playlist… I had crystals, I had essential oils… I had hydralite icey poles - smashed those!

"So, I just had the gas, that’s fine, then that wasn’t cutting it so I kept dialling it up.

"I thought I’d be a gun at breathing, I’ve done pilates breathing, I’ve done yoga breathing… my breathing was sh*thouse.

"I ended up sucking on the gas too much and ended up feeling completely drugged.

"I was limp like a ragdoll, couldn’t lift my head, couldn’t open my eyes.

"My main priority was I wanted to push him out."

It was at that time that the now 41-year-old realised if she wanted to push the baby out then she had to take on medical advice. 

The amount of pain and frequency of contractions after her obstetrician induced her meant that she had been in a heightened level of pain for at least eight hours already. 

So, pride or birth plans aside, Gale decided to go ahead with an epidural.

She now says that decision was the best decision ever. 

Even her husband, AFL player Shaun Hampson, couldn't believe she didn't opt for it earlier after seeing the amount of pain she was in - and Hampson has seen plenty of men in a LOT of pain out on the footy field.

"It was the best thing I ever did, I could relax, Shaun could finally let go of my hand which I was crushing," she said. 

"The gas wore off, I got to chill… and then they came in and inspected me and said ‘okay, we’ll be right to push in about an hour, just relax’.

"We sat there and we chatted and we go to text people and it gave me an hour to get my energy back and then the pushing came which I LOVED.

"I could feel it a little bit but not enough that I was in pain.

"I pushed for 45 minutes and then out he popped."

Megan is now pregnant with her second child - let's hope for a more seemless delivery of bub number 2!

WATCH Monty's full interview with Megan Gale on Show & Tell. 


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