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Every Time Bec Judd Catches An Uber Something Odd Happens

Uber have been a godsend for many of us.

With a click of a few buttons the car arrives, drops you off and there's none of that niggly payment time wasting at the end of the fare.

But Bec Judd alerted us to something that we're not so sure about. 

Apparently every time she gets into an Uber, she's noticed they all automatically hit on the 'automatic lock' for the car... 

We're hoping it's just the Uber drivers trying to be safety conscious and not wanting people to break into their cars at traffic lights or on their journey, but Monty was a little alarmed. 

Is this a common thing to happen? Or is it something that Bec should worry about? 

Weigh in in the comments below! 

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