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Why Bec Judd Just Flashed Monty In Studio This Afternoon

Girls of the teenie tiny tittie committee, unite!

Monty has found a new saving grace. The vampire boob job. 

Similar to the vampire facials that have been doing the rounds, it involves taking a blood sample that is mixed / aerated / separated / who knows what in a machine and then injected into your chest to get a perkier bust. 

But Bec Judd is having none of it, claiming she's all for a good push up bra. 

And she's not kidding...

When she flashed us a bit of cleavage, that push up bra is doing it's job and then some!!!

Remind us to ask what brand she's wearing!

Monty, however, is trying to see if work will send her for a vampire boob job... 

And desk panel operator Alex is no doubt trying to stop the blushing and get back to business.

All in a day's work!

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