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Yumi & Dolly Doctor: How To Talk To Our Teens About Vaginas

Growing up, Dolly Doctor was the authority on all things sex and private parts.

In Yumi’s new no holds barred podcast ‘Ladies, We Need To Talk’, she jumps right in.

What's the difference between the vulva and the vagina? Ask no more!

How do I talk to my teenage daughters about this stuff? Got you covered.

With labiaplasty surgeries tripling in the public sector, women are still often uncomfortable and self-conscious about their bodies.

We Need to Talk About our Vaginas and Vulvas. Yes, we do. First episode is out now. Xx Link up there ⬆

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So, it’s obviously an important topic to address openly with our daughters – especially as they enter their teen years.

Yumi called in the experts and what evolved is a frank, in depth - and let’s face it, sometimes a little bit awkward – but much needed conversation.

You can hear the full podcast here. 

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