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Yumi Has A Really Quirky House Rule!

Today on the show Monty asked Yumi about her house rules.

“Yum's you’ve got a rule in your house for the adults?” Monty Said.

Yumi responded “Yeah I’ve had this one for quite a while, you know, you’ve got to have rules for the kids, like for instance, no running with knives in your hands, right?”

Monty laughed, “yeah I feel like I have so many rules in my house for the kids, like, all I do is yell at them.”

Yumi then explained, “yeah well I have a house rule that applies because of my husband, that no one is allowed to talk about their dreams.”

“I don’t mean those ‘oh yeah when I grow up I wanna be this’, I’m down for hearing that.... I’m talking about waking up and going, ‘I had a dream that there was this monster chasing me and for some reason it was allergic to the colour red……”


Monty agreed, that it should be a universal house rule that no-one talks about their dreams!

“It’s like a really crap movie you're never gonna see, never wanna see…but you have to hear every little detail” she said.

The girls even believe that even if they’re in it they don’t want to hear about it (unless it’s a sex dream, of course).

Do you have any friends that tell you about their boring dreams? Let us know your thoughts on this!

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