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Monday, April 16, 2012

Everyone has a dream and sometimes you need a little help along the way to make it come true.

That’s where Jodie, Mark and Snowy can help. No matter how big or small, we’ll roll up our sleeves and see if we can make something happen.

Emily from Blackwood Park wanted us to do something special for her best friend Kelly:

"Dear Jodie, Mark and Snowy.

I am writing to you all following some very devastating news about my dearest friend Kelly.  Kelly and her husband Trent have 3 young children (6 years old and 4 year old twins). Nearly 2 years ago Kelly lost her mother to a very rare form of Leukaemia, which she battled for 3 years. This had understandably been very hard for Kelly and her family. On Australia Day this year, her husband Trent was rushed to the RAH and diagnosed with Leukaemia … completely out of the blue. This has led to an extremely turbulent 2 months for the family with Kelly needing to stop work in order to juggle all of the children and home commitments as well as the daily visits to the RAH to support Trent through his chemo and radio therapy. The children have had limited contact with Trent (other than through Skype) for the last 2 months during his treatment due to the risk of infection. Kelly has struggled with severe diabetes and mitochondrial disorder since she was 8 which has seen her in hospital many times herself over the years and also means she is at risk of hypoglycaemic attacks at any time of the day or night. Normally Trent is there to nurse her through these attacks. Since Trent has been in hospital, Kelly’s health has suffered and she has ended up back in hospital herself. I know that many families and individuals go through battles with cancer and come through the other side, however the journey to get there is not an easy one.

To compound the stress of Trent’s illness and inability to work at the moment, Trent’s father passed away unexpectedly 3 weeks ago. Thankfully he had driven from Loxton the day before and had seen Trent before he passed away. Kelly and Trent’s young children have endured more sickness and death in the last two years than most adults in a lifetime and understandably this is taking its toll on them. It’s so close to home for them that Nana died of Leukaemia 2 years ago and now Daddy is in hospital with the same disease.

Unfortunately Kelly and Trent have been trying to sell their family home for the last year, unsuccessfully. They have been paying 2 mortgages for the last year and just prior to Trent’s diagnosis had started to organise landscaping their new property in order to comply with the encumbrance of the estate they live in (Blackwood Park). Given their financial and health situation now, this landscaping is not going ahead and whilst not a major problem in the scheme of life, it is a stress for Kelly, just one more thing to worry about.

Kelly and Trent’s friends have been amazing at providing love, support, cooked meals, babysitting, school drop offs/pick-ups to assist the family at this time.  One working bee has been carried out to clear their front ‘garden’ so it no longer looks like a building site.  Another working bee is planned for May.  Kelly is hoping to arrange for the driveway to be concreted, retaining walls put up and the garden to be landscaped.

So, the reason for my letter … I guess I want to do everything I can to help this family. They have been through more than they deserve to.  They are the most loving, caring, selfless and thoughtful family and I don’t know how much more they can take.  Particularly with Kelly’s health being so fragile as well. Is there some way, you are able to reach out to the families of SA in an effort to support our landscaping project?

As Kelly’s dearest friend I would welcome an opportunity to discuss this with you further should you feel you are able to help in any way.

Yours sincerely,
With kind regards,


With the help of VIP Home Services, Jodie, Mark and Snowy responded:
Part 1:

Part 2:

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