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10 Hughesy and Kate moments that will hurt your sides

It's been a hell of a year, so we thought it would be fun to head back and look at some of the funniest Hughesy & Kate moments!

Sending some Christmas love to Chungo! We miss you!

Hughesy sent himself a weight loss goal this year. He didn't reach it, so he didn't get to burn his bra.

Hughesy got caught during shower time when a creepy drone hovered outside his bedroom window.

Swagboards are all the rage, so Hughesy & Kate decided to put each other to the test and see who wins. 

It had been ages since Hughesy and Holly had been on a date, so Hughesy took her on a bunch. Here's the best moment of them all!

No one expected that Kate would cop a head injury when she fell off a bucking bull!

We wasted a lot of an online dating scammer's time, but the most epic moment was when Barb died live on the phone!

The Block's Suzi got VERY close and personal to Hughesy in his apartment block!

Hughesy didn't meet his weight loss goal, so he has to prepare for the ultimate in humiliation!

Who could forget the disgusting wheel! Hughesy got dunked head first into a pool of offal! Gross!

Bring on 2016!

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