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Brynne Reveals She Didn’t Know Anyone at Her Wedding

Monday afternoon, Hughesy and Kate investigated claims Brynne Edelsten didn’t know Hughesy and Kate were at her first wedding.

Edelsten wrote in her Stellar magazine article that she didn’t know until recently when her new fiancé told her.

Heartbreaking revelation. I thought she winked at me during the vows.

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We spoke to Brynne on the radio show to discussed what she was feeling on her wedding day and she revealed that she didn’t know many people at her wedding, in fact Brynne said at that time she didn’t really know anyone in Australia.

She said it was a blur because it was such an overwhelming day.

Brynne Edelsten’s new fiancé is comedian Brett Hunter. Brynne said he makes her laugh all the time – she met him at a charity event where he was performing. They haven’t set a date for their wedding.

When asked by Kate if they could attend her wedding, Brynne said “Yeah of course, of course”.

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