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How This Guy’s Toe Ruined his Relationship!

Here’s the thing people, breakups aren’t easy but doing it via text message won’t help the situation.

There is a small part of the population that thinks doing it this way will make things painless but in fact it actually could land someone in a perfect situation to register for Hughesy and Kate’s Electric Dream and could WIN them $1000 CASH!

Meet Lachie, he had been dating Isabelle for around six months before she broke it off with him via a message for a very unusual reason. 

Lachie (28) and Isabelle (26) had planned to meet up for dinner but Isabelle called the dinner AND the relationship off in the moment. 

“Look Lachie ugh!” Isabelle says to her boyfriend. “I can’t make dinner tonight. Or again. I’m so sorry and I know how shallow this sounds, but your second toe just grosses me out.”

WOW… no messing around… 

Isabelle continues; “I’m sorry. All the best.”

In another message sent, she explains to Lachie how awful she feels about how much longer his second toe is; “toes are just a thing and it is so much longer.” 

As you can imagine this comes as a massive shock for Lachie.

“What are you talking about? I can’t believe you bring this up now!!” Lachie replies. 

Lachie tries to make sense of the situation saying; “We have been hanging out together for 6 months and you have never cared before?”

Isabelle tells Lachie in what is believed to have been their final exchanged between one another, that she has a phobia with toes.


The final swing came from Lachie as he replies; “I never had a problem with the gaps in your teeth… I guess it’s better we just leave it as you said…”

Lachie has told us that perhaps with the $1000 he’s won for registering in Electric Dreams, he may pay for toe surgery…

Read the full exchange below. 

The names in this article have been changed.


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