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South African cricketer, Dale Steyn and our very own Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes have exchanged some banter on Twitter.

The conflict began after the injured fast bowler weighed in on the “lollygate” scandal writing;

“Beaten with the bat.

Beaten with the ball.

Beaten in the field.

Mentally stronger.

Here's a idea, Let's blame it on a lollipop #soft”

Hughesy was quick off the bat with his reply; “South African's now openly mocking Aussies after we owned them for thirty years. #interesting” 

A comment that Hughesy thought would be ignored by the cricketer, however he jumped to reply; “2016 Dave... free advice, stop living in the past brother. Also, no one has ever owned me, I've lost in sport yes, but I'm no pet”

To which Hughesy came back with “Ha! The past is all we've got at the moment. I'm You Tubing 99 World Cup as therapy.”

And it continued with Dale’s reply; “you right about that... try find Hussey drop catch in Melbourne whilst you there, it's pretty funny too 😉

Ps. We won that game too”

Hughesy had the last laugh concluding the banter saying; “love it! I feel like I'm copping some Steyn chin music! We did beat you in SA in March 2014 I recall.”

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