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Hughesy Dishes Out Hilarious Zinger To The Prime Minister

Last night our very own Hughesy joined the Q&A panel to answer the tough questions.

Though, it only stayed serious for a second, as Hughesy’s classic ice-breaker humour swiftly swept over the panelists.

Hughesy really shone when discussions about our Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, meeting President Donald Trump came to light.

They were discussing why, even though many people don’t like Trump personally, he should be judged on his policies, not his personal traits.

They added that our Prime Minister should think the same way, especially as Australia’s relationship with America is so important.

“But he looked like he was on the Bachelor trying to get a rose.”

Cue crowd laughter.

Then Hughesy was asked about how well they seemed to get along during the meeting.

“The vision though was disturbing for me, I mean, Malcolm looked like a 13-year-old girl meeting Justin Bieber.” “It was just too… sycophantic.”


Hughesy is of course referencing Prime Minister Turnbull’s recent meeting with President Trump, where Trump forgot his name.


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