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Kate Thinks She Has Found the Next Spokes-Animal for Kleenex

On Monday, Hughesy appeared on the Today Show, on a mission to save Australia’s toilet paper icon.

Talking with Karl and Lisa he said; “Can you believe they’re auditioning new animals to be their Kleenex spokes-animal?”

“Would you replace the Sydney Harbour Bridge?” Dave said arguing the replacement of the Kleenex puppy, “No, it’s an icon”


“This puppy is an icon and having to re-audition for a job it’s already got is ridiculous.” Hughesy said as he wrangled the cute white pup.

Going against Hughes’ campaign, Kate has decided that it is time for a new animal and her suggestion for the new face of the toilet paper brand is… the ‘Kleenex Kitten’.

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If you're in Melbourne, you can adopt this cute kitten from dogshome.com

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