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Malcolm Turnbull Talks Game of Thrones with Hughesy and Kate

Hughesy and Kate had a chat with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Wednesday afternoon although Hughesy wasn’t convinced he was speaking with the real PM at first.

The conversation started out rather absurd when Mr Turnbull began talking about Game of Thrones, even dropping a spoiler to the latest episode.

Mr Turnbull said he’d be happy to talk about anything except Kate’s vampire facials, saying they sound gorier than Game of Thrones.

Hughesy questioned the ‘Prime Minister’s’ legitimacy, but Mr Turnbull assured him it wasn’t a prank and he was the real thing.

When questioned about the ‘racy’ scenes in the GoT series, Mr Turnbull said he doesn’t fast forward those scenes because at ‘his age’ he can handle it but he revealed his wife Lucy is not a great fan of the show.

On a serious note, the Prime Minister spoke to Hughesy and Kate about drug testing for people on welfare pension, and explained how it will work and that he hopes it will be successful.

Turnbull said “People don’t want people on welfare spending the money on drugs.”

“The whole objective is to get them off welfare and into a job and so if they’re doing drugs then you want to stop them doing it.” He told Hughesy and Kate.

The Prime Minister revealed that the drug testing is only a trial at this stage and there will be 5000 people going through the trial.

“We’ll see how it goes and if it’s successful, and we hope it is, we’ll do more of it” Mr Turnbull said.

Finally, Hughesy asked about the upcoming same sex marriage postal vote and Mr Turnbull’s view on it.

“Lucy and I are voting yes and we encourage others to do so.” the Prime Minster told Hughesy and Kate.

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