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This is a reminder to EVERYONE to be alert and vigilant around tax-time. Kate’s mother received a voicemail on her answering machine saying that she was subject to prosecution for tax evasion. With this, Kate rang the scammer back acting as her mother to expose this scam!

As the call duration ticks into the fifteen-minute mark, the scammer (known as “Joseph”) becomes angry and aggressive.

The ATO has released a statement saying although the ATO makes thousands of outbound calls to taxpayers a week, there are some key differences between a legitimate call from the ATO and a call from a potential scammer. 

Assistant Commissioner Graham Whyte said scammers are particularly active during tax time because of the large number of people lodging their tax returns.

“We would never cold call you about a debt; we would never threaten jail or arrest, and our staff certainly wouldn’t behave in an aggressive manner. If you’re not sure, hang up and call us back on 1800 008 540,” Mr Whyte said.

Hear the full unedited call below:

If you think you have been contacted by a fraudster or have fallen victim to a phone scam, contact the ATO on 1800 008 540.

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