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Andrew Denton's Heartfelt Plea To Legalise Euthanasia In SA

Andrew Denton's life changed forever almost 20 years ago when he witnessed the slow and painful death of his beloved father, Kit. Unfortunately, doctors were powerless to ease his suffering.    

It's an all too common story and something Denton can't forget, as people all around Australia continue to die in pain, with nowhere to turn for help.

Denton flew into Adelaide on Tuesday for a debate he desperately hopes will be a turning point for South Australia, and hopefully, the nation.  

Later this week, the South Australian parliament will vote on a bill to give terminally ill people medical help to die. It's the state's 15th attempt to pass such laws.

If the bill is passed South Australia will be the only state in the nation to allow voluntary euthanasia. Labor MP Steph Key and Liberal MP Duncan McFetrdige introduced the bill which has taken a deliberately narrow focus to give it the best chance of succeeding.

The bill proposes only mentally competent adults with terminal illnesses will be able to request voluntary euthanasia and the suffering of the person has to be intolerable. There should also be no "reasonably available" medical treatments, or pain relief measures left.

And finally - in crucial amendments announced this week - people cannot request help to die solely on the basis of disability, their age, or their mental health.

Here Jodie & Joda's chat with Andrew Denton here:

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