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Wade Robson’s Mum Wanted Michael Jackson’s Children: Brandi

Brandi Jackson – niece of Michael Jackson and long-time partner of Michael’s ‘Leaving Neverland’ accuser Wade Robson – claims to have received a bizarre phone call from Wade’s mother not long after Michael passed away.

Speaking exclusively to Jodie and Soda on Mix102.3 breakfast on Tuesday morning (hear the audio above), Brandi recounted the conversation with Joy Robson, who also featured in Leaving Neverland, in which her son, Wade, graphically alleged he had been sexually abused as a child by michael jackson.

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Joy moved Wade and daughter Chantal from Brisbane to Los Angeles after Wade had won a dance contest sponsored by Jackson’s tour company that included meeting Michael. Her third child and husband Dennis were left behind in Australia.  

Joy reportedly went to great lengths to keep her son part of the King of Pop’s inner circle, accepting material things from Jackson. She said of meeting him: "I remember getting this glow that sort of started in my heart and went to all my extremities. It was an amazing feeling, when something magical was going to happen."

Brandi Jackson said she believes that the phone call she received not long after Michael’s passing was Joy’s last-ditch attempt to try to maintain a connection with Michael.

Brandi and Wade had split about eight years prior to Michael’s passing.

“In 2009, shortly after Michael passed, Wade’s mother called me and she told me that she missed me and that Wade missed me and we should really get together,” Brandi said.

“Then she started to change the subject and ask me about (Michael’s children) Paris, Prince and Blanket and asking me to put them together.

“Then she started to explain to me that they belong with her and her family, and they belong with the Robsons.

“This was something very shocking to me to hear her say. She felt like Michael wouldn’t want them with his mother, that they should be with the Robsons because they were close.

“And when she said that I told her they were right where they were supposed to be. Paris, Prince and Blanket were with their family and their grandmother.”


Jodie replied by asking Brandi why Joy had thought the children may not be safe with Michael’s mother.

Brandi’s response painted a picture of Joy being desperate to find a way to stay close to the Jacksons.

“She was trying to figure out how to position herself to stay in their lives to be completely honest. That would’ve been the last attachment that they had to something of Michael.”

Jodie and Soda’s exclusive and wide-ranging interview with Brandi on Tuesday morning covered how Brandi and Wade met, the intimate nature of their relationship, allegations of cheating with Brittany Spears, why she believes Wade would lie about being sexually abused by Michael and Brandi’s thoughts on Michael’s nature.

Hear the full interview here.

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