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Cassie Sainsbury facing 'Loneliness, Depression And Shock'

It's the case that's captivated the nation this week. Adelaide woman Cassie Sainsbury was arrested in Colombia after being caught with 5.8 kilograms of cocaine hidden in 18 different packages in her luggage.

Jodie & Soda spoke to writer Rusty Young who lived in Colombia for eight years. He wrote the book ‘Marching Powder’ and is about to release ‘Colombiano.’  

He told Jodie & Soda the 22-year-old form Moana should receive a fair trial and it's unlikely the drugs were planted on her by authorities. 

"Unfortunately the case against her is very strong. If she wishes to maintain her innocent plea and maintain the version that she was given headphones laden with 5.8 kilograms of cocaine and she was unaware, did not check those headphones before getting on the plane it's still a very difficult case to run," he said. 

"It's not completely free of corruption but again at that level she'd receive a fair trial but delays in the court system... there's a huge backlog of cases. To run a case like that could take several years. It would costs tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and in translator fees," he continued.

He said a guilty plea would take the courts around six to nine months to run, but said if she's innocent she should stick to her plea because she will get a fair trial.   

According to Rusty the prison Cassie is being kept in is not a violent place and he doesn't believe she's at any risk of being attacked or raped. He said many women even have their children in prison with them. The issue is the size of the prison. It's designed to fit 1,200 women but currently holds around 2,000 inmates. 

"The main issues she's facing is loneliness, depression, shock being away from family, not speaking the language, needing money as well for 

basic necessities," he said.

"The conditions are basic in these prisons. You do get given food but anything else you need money for," he continued. 

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