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Clues for Jodie and Soda’s $60,000 Secret Sound

Jodie and Soda are on to their second sound in the $60,000 Secret Sound after Hannah from Blakeview won $10,000 by correctly guessing the first sound on Monday 21 January.

Now we're onto a second sound, and this time the winner will receive $25,000!

Be listening to Mix 102.3 for the sound, and check all the incorrect guesses here.


The boss Tight Tony and the premier Steven Marshall are the only two who know the Secret Sound so on Monday 11 February, Jodie and Soda interrogated them for some answers.

Check the video here but below was our interpretation of the conversation and the clues that came from it...

1) The object makes the sound but you have to do something to make the sound.

2) It’s not a mechanical device

3) You’re more likely to find this sound around your home.

4) It’s more likely to be heard indoors than outdoors.

5) It’s made of three parts but only two make the sound

6) One of the materials that make the sound is a metallic sort of product

7) There’s no liquid involved in the sound

8) You could buy the item

9) It doesn’t come in a packet

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