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Crows Rory Sloane Is A Proud Mix Fan & Triple M Aren't Happy

Seems like we have another cross-town rivalry to be settled. 

While the Crows defeated Port Adelaide by 17 points at Adelaide Oval on the weekend, there's a new footy feud a-brewing. 

Our own Mark 'Soda' Soderstrom had the pleasure of awarding Crows' midfielder Rory Sloane the coveted Showdown Medal for his dominant display.

Our man Sloane even shot Soda a text saying "wouldn't have wanted anyone else present me with it, Soda's, love seeing your face deliver it to me. haha". 

But not everyone was happy with Soda as the choice to do the honours...

Mix1023's own rivals Triple M's Jars and Louie are seemingly a little jealous of the inside mid's fondness of our station. 

"Every now and then relationships run their course don't they Jar," Louie said.

"It's built on trust and honesty," Jarman added.

"It's the one thing I ask for from you Jars, it's trust, don't lie to me... don't cheat on me... don't lie to me," Louie continued. 

Of course when they get Mix-lover Sloane onto their show they dug in their heels, but our man stayed true to our station!

"I'm about to vomit," Jars began.

"Jars my heart," Louie said. 

"Who are you loyal to, who has looked after you the last two or three years, who has been in your corner when you've been down and out?" Jars ranted.

"Jars and Louie, we have!"

"Then you go to the other side who we don't like and you text old Soda's 'oh i love you Soda's'... what about Louie and I! What about the Triple M family!

"I'm surprised in his speech he didn't thank bloody Mix!"

Well, Jars and Louie, if he had we would have welcomed the thank you!

Sloane! We love having the 2016 Club Champion and all round great bloke on our side. You've chosen well!

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