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Gary Sweet Just Announced Some Very Exciting Baby News...

Gary Sweet has announced the arrival of his sixth child. The House Husband’s star exclusively revealed the news to Jodie & Soda this morning.

It’s his second child with partner Nadia Dyall, who gave birth to son Frederic in early 2015. The couple welcomed little Percy just nine days ago.

Sweet has six children to four different women, including Jill Miller and Johanna Griggs. 

“I’m a machine,” he joked with Jodie & Soda.  

He told Jodie & Soda there is 29 years age difference between his oldest and youngest child. And with two children under two, there’s plenty of nappies to change!

“Mate I’ve changed a heap. Mainly on the two-year-old though. I’m a bit nervous. I’m all thumbs with the little one,” he told Soda.

Hear the full chat here:


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