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Jodie Brought To Tears Following Soda's Response To Bully

Jodie Oddy was brought to tears this morning, following co-host Mark Soderstrom's touching response to a bully who attacked the mum-of-three's character, appearance and family in a vile letter sent to the Mix 102.3 office. 

Yesterday, Jodie bravely hit out at the person responsible for sending the anonymous three-page letter live on air. Her bravery garnered a barrage of support online from fans of the show who applauded the popular host's stance on bullying.

This morning, Soda told listeners he was 'very proud' to sit next to Jodie everyday and was pleased by the response online. 

“All of our friends that listen to the show your response has been mind-blowing and I know Jodie that you have found that enormously supportive,” he said.

Soda had a clear message for the person responsible for sending the barrage of abuse: “It says more about you than it does Jodie.”

He went on to say he felt sorry for the perpetrator and he hoped they eventually found some peace and happiness in their life.

“It must be pretty dark and lonely living with that much hate inside you each day,” he said.

“You’ve got so much time on your hands I can’t believe you can find the time to write a three-page letter, but I do hope you find a better way to spend that time," he continued.

"You will have a much better life if you can put it to more constructive use than trying to tear other people down cos you don’t feel so great about yourself.”   

Jodie praised the support of her co-host and friends of the show for helping her get through the trying 24 hours.   

“I have to say I read every single comment in the past 24 hours that people have left on our Facebook page. I’ve read all the emails… some of them people detailing their own harrowing experiences of bullying," she said.

"I want to say thank you to all those people for being brave enough to share," she continued. 

The mum-of-three revealed that after years of reading negative comments about herself online, she never knew so many people cared.

"I think I’ve been conditioned by reading a lot of negativity and insults on the internet, I didn’t realise how soul destroying that was becoming,” she admitted.

“I started to think that, that was what people thought of me and reading all the positivity over the last 24 hours has sort of debunked that for me, so thank you,” she continued.

We love you Jodie!

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