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Jodie Oddy Has Spoken Out About Vile Attack

Jodie Oddy has hit out at the author of a vile letter which attacked her character, appearance and even her family.

The anonymous three page note, which was sent to the Mix 102.3 office yesterday, accused the popular radio presenter of being a bullying, a topic the mum of three thought was an important one to broach on air.

"It attacked every facet of my character... She also said I live for the day you get axed," she said.  

"My love you've just spent three pages detailing how much you hate me and what a revolting human being I am. Who's the freakin bully here?," she continued.

The journalist, who's previously worked hard to promote anti-bullying messages went on to say: “Bullies trade on intimidation and they bank of being so nasty that people are frightened into submission, I won’t do that…if that was my child that wrote that I would be absolutely mortified and ashamed.”

Listeners were quick to offer support to their favourite presenter, telling Jodie how much they loved and appreciated listening to her every morning. One fan of the show was so distraught by the letter she burst into tears.   

Keep up the great work Jodie! 

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